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Walgreens customer care service at the drugstore is very unprofessional. I suggest that Walgreens look carefully into emphasizing customer service with their support personnel (students that are interning in the pharmacy department).

My complaint is the following -- My family has been a loyal customer of Walgreens pharmacy as we have several presciptions that need to be filled every month (on-going presciptions as well). Most of the time that I have my prescriptions filled, I realize that there will be at least a 45 to 2 hour wait (which is fine). Usually I will just drop the prescriptions off and pick up later. Today though, I had surgery and was in awful pain.

My doctor had wrote 2 prescriptions (pain medicine and antibiotic). When I arrived a Walgreens, a student worker (not pharmacist) took my presciptions and preceeded to tell me that I would have to come back later to pick up (at least 45 minutes). I explained to her that I would send someone to pick up the antibiotic but I was in so much pain and would have to wait on the pain medication. She kept insisting that there would be a long wait.

In the meantime, a pharmacist overheard her talking with me and told her that when a customer has had surgery and was in pain they usually would bump that prescription up to next and fill it immediately. (I am not sure she appreciated him telling her this). She look at me and said we will announce your name over intercom when ready. As I stood there waiting patiently for the medicine, I kept getting worse in pain to almost feeling so nausea.

After 35 minutes of waiting, I went back up to the counter and the student worker ask me what I needed - I ask her if my pain medication was almost filled -- she stated no it will be a little while -- I told her I was in so much pain and was getting sick so I was going to step out to my car and would she just call my cell phone when it was ready and I would swing around through the drive through to get it. I left the store and was sitting in my car I waited another 30 minutes -- never heard from her. So I drove up to the drive in window to ask about my prescription -- I told them the pharmacist had said it would only be 10 to 15 minutes and originially the student worker had told me 45 minutes - - It had now been over an hour. The other student worker (they had 2 there tonight) came back and said sorry its not filled yet -- it would be a little while why don't you go home and come back later -- I started crying and said no just give me my prescriptions and I will go somewhere else.

He got my prescriptions handed through the drive-in window to me and never said another word (like were sorry or anything). I drove down the road to CVS pharmacy -- drove up to their drive-in pharmacy. Told them I had already waited over an hour a Walgreen's and could not get them to fill it and was in so much pain the pharmacist (not a student worker) said we will have that for you in 10 minutes --- and guess what!!!!! in 10 minutes my prescription was ready --- I will never use Walgreen's again for this very reason!

Poor customer service!!!! I am not a person who is demanding -- I understand you can't always get things right away (that's why I always leave prescriptions and pick up later -- but when there is a circumstance where you need it immediately -- they should be there for you and help out. CVS whom I had never used was so understanding and made sure to help me out. So folks take this in consideration when choosing your pharmacy.

Not only have I posted this here I will post at other places also.

Oh by the way, Walgreen's if you are reading this the student worker's name was Melissa. I think she should be reprimanded for this very action --

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i work for walgreens pharmacy and i can tell you this much i would be in trouble if i dare made you wait that long even when we are slamming busy and i have 20 things going on at once if i see someone is in severe paid i make sure its out asap you were alot more patient then alot of customers. i know its hard for interns or new employees to get the hang of multitasking and its a really stressfull job we are expected to do so much at once but the pharmacist atleast should have kept her word and had it out when she promised certainly in 30 mins my guess is when the intern scanned it in she didnt put it in as a waiter!!

therefore the computer does everything in time order and yours was put in order based on time not infront of the rest!

that irritates me more than anything when im filling if its a WAITER scan it in as a WAITER otherwise it will end up in time order behind what ever scripts came before it! im sorry they did this to you im sure they were new and felt really pressured, its quite overwhelming when your new but they should have had atleast one experienced tech there to help them


I am sorry you were in pain, but how do you know that the other people that were waiting for medication may have been in the same pain you were in as well. We do the best we can to do things as quickly as possible.

The same time you are dropping RX's off nurses are calling in, faxing or sending Rx's as well. Plus all the other refills that have been sent in as well.

Most of the time if you just let us do our job it may not take as much time since we don't have people bothering us to move faster. It is medication we are dealing wiht not burgers.


why are you driving on a narcotic pain med? They should not have treated you this way that is awful!


They could have wanted to fill it a little short since it was a pain med., I wouldn't doubt it I've been shorted by them before, only on pain med's, never anything else missing a few pills or shorted on anything non-narcotic only the narcotic pain med's what a coincidence.