Ormond Beach, Florida

I have been going to the same local Walgreens pharmacy for years. On October 27, 2014, I stopped by to get my usual refills on two medications, one a pain med and the other an anti anxiety med. I was told by the pharmacist that Walgreens can no longer accept or process refills on pain meds and they would not refill the anti anxiety med. I was advised that due to new DEA policy, I would need a new script each month for that specific pain med. However, the pharmacist added, we can no longer dispense these two meds! I was advised to go to other pharmacies, like CVS.

I was distraught and shocked! I informed the pharmacist ( who knows me by name) that how could I drive around in my condition to find a new pharmacy? Besides, all my meds have been processed at Walgreens under my profile.

The pharmacist apologised but it was out of her control. I was so upset that I couldn't eat or sleep for 2 days.

Walgreens action is inhumane and horrifying! The majority of patients like me are truly suffering now because of Walgreens new sadistic policy. A class action lawsuit should be filed against Walgreens.

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You're ***. The store is obviously not at fault.

It's FEDERAL LAW. What did you expect them to do?


It's not Walgreen's policy- it's federal law. I am not sure what you wanted them to do in this situation, give you your drugs and violate the law?


yes the laws have changed. unfortunately drug stores, government and customers alike didnt do a good job of keeping people informed.

(yes its your drugs YOU should know EVERYTHING about them.) my guess with that walgreens not having your meds anymore is because you might be the only on to take them, or the manufacturer has changed and not part of walgreens or the drug is not allowed by the government. crying about it just shows you are not on the right meds. it happens that's one of the reasons why so many drugs were added to the 30 day re-script law.

so many drugs out there being prescribed and so many people with different bodies and so many "drugs" coming into the market after "one clinically study" its very hard to find out what works for someone if they dont get check ups. also dont drive if you are "emotionally stressed" you are in the same mind frame as a drunk driver.


Yes thank you for telling it like it is.... I am a senior pharmacy technician at walgreen and yes the law has changed October 6 2014 Nd because so many ppl abuse it ...

and there is really nothing we can do and I am sure I were told that the law was changing cuz we were giving a notice to all on those meds and ... u really should k ow abput YOUR OWN MEDS. It *** me off when ppl come and say I want refills on something and have no idea what the name is whats it for or anything and just say its in ur system .... SO THE FREAK WHAT its in my system u should know what u take ...

u are putting different types of subsence into ur body these things can kill u and u know nothing about them really.....

????? Does that make sense and yes I know that I know about them its my job to know them but its ur job more so ....


More people spent more time researching there food and drink and everything but their meds .... people are so irresponsible now a days


just because your a Rph doesn't mean you should judge other people and how they react and what meds they are using. Yes there are people who are abusing but, also, there are people who are NOT. You are not their doctor you are only the Rph.


BOO HOO poor little thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!