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I placed an original 1902 motion picture silent sci-fi film titled "A Trip To The Moon" that runs for 14 minutes at 16 frames per second in Walgreens Photo department in Franklin, Tennessee, to be duplicated on to two DVDs in June of 2009. Walgreens telephoned me on July 9th, and told me my film-to-dvd order is ready.

I paid them $37.13, only to discover someone had switched my 14 minutes sci-fi film for a 2 minutes 17 seconds Laurel and Hardy comedy short subject. Walgreens cheated me, they kept my original film and my money.

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Oops, I'm the head of photo at a Walgreens.**


I'm head the head of photo at a Walgreens. When we take in video transfers, we barely even touch the tape.

We take in customer information, fill in said information on the shipper bags, and seal up the tape.

The next day or two we send it out with FedEx. Walgreens is basically the middle man to the whole transfer process.


All Walgreens does is send the stuff out and then receive the product.

Take it up with YesVideo if you want to, not Walgreens...but let me say this... Any copyrighted material isn't going to be placed onto the DVD's anyway.

hmm how late am I to this?


This is not a Walgreens issue but a Yes Video issue. Did you contact there customer service? I worked in Walgreens photo and did these types of orders and the people at the store do not check the videos, just send them out.

Your analogy with the book is completely apples and oranges. At a bookstore the clerk knows what product they are selling you and what it contains. When you drop off a video to walgreens they can't view it so how would they know what you dropped off?

Then you say its the wrong one when all the processing was done out of house.

What are they suppose to do? I'm sure they still have those liability waivers so you obviously knew that there was a risk that the store had no control over! If it was that valuable then why did you assume the risk? Why not go directly to a company that specializes in these types of things?


I had done business with Walgreens since 1953 and had minor problems like over pricing, especially on sale items. They usually claimed clerical errors and corrected it IF I caught the overpricing and called it their attention.

Having done business with Walgreens so long, I felt I could trust them. Walgreens lost my valuable film too. Walgreen's fake insurance company asked me if I "received the correct reel?" I said "Yes... But, the metal reel that had held my film was empty, and I did not receive the correct film, they had sent me someone elses film, or Walgreens or one of the people they contract to transfer film to DVD had swithed films." Walgreens, or "Yes-DVD" who they farm film to DVD work out to, had swithed films and sent me an EMPTY REEL.

Havinf done business with Walgreens so long, I became trusting and complacent.



If I had a highly valuable film to be copied, I would work with a professional company who specializes in this sort of thing. They would cost more but you would still have your film.


Sounds typical of Walgreens. If your original film has any kind of general interest and you place in Walgreens for transfrer to DVD disc, then you stand a good chance to kiss it 'Good bye.' The Atorney General complaint might help, because if the Attorney General gets enough complaints about Walgreen's then the AG might shut them down and put them out of business.

I wonder how many other people have lost their film at Walgreens and people don't know what to do about it?


Took a 45 year old 8mm film(of my late parents...the only "motion" pictures of them) to Walgreens mid November 2009. It is Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they do not seem to give a ***!

I too have contacted BBB, State,TV stations. I don't expect any result.

I WANT ME FILM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


There wasn't enough room to write the entire complaint: I did talk with the managers and clerks. They said they lost the film so I wrote to the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

Walgreens is trying to say that I should be complaining to the people to whom they contract their film to (being YES VIDEO).

I placed my film in Walgreens trust and service...

I did not turn it over to someone else. That's like a bookstore selling you a book, then giving you the wrong one after you pay them and telling you take the issue of being the wriong book up with the publisher.


what happened when you said something...I mean don't complain unless you actualy talk to the people you have a problem with first...