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Update by user Oct 06, 2011

I am not sure what is going on with this site. I never retracted the statement after I posted last night.

The ID is the only thing that noticed that differs. i think that it is a sick person who would fabricate a story such as this. The notations have been altered but not by me. I never worked for Walgreens and my husband is deceased from the error made by Walgreens.

I won\'t use the site again but just wanted to clarify these details.

I was shocked to see the retraction this morning. However, the details that I posted last night are true!

Original review posted by user Oct 05, 2011

Atlanta Walgreen's Pharmacy made an error with my husband's prescription and he died. We picked up the prescription on Friday and began taking it. My husband became ill over the weekend we noticed that he had been given the wrong dosage. I immediately contacted Walgreen's and was spoken to rudely and hung up on.

I contacted the Corporate office to file a complaint and the investigation results indicated that it was a human error. I have names,dates, and positions of personnel.

Walgreen's only offered a settlement of $5,000 for the worth of my husband.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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If you need more info on Walgreen, please contact me @ leroyjacobs@mail.com




Call your board of pharmacy. They can investigate, email every pharmacy blog that you can google also.


This is for you hmm did you not read her post? Giving a customer the wrong dosage of medication led to the death of her husband you ***.

it was not the doctors error it was the stupidity of the pharmacist who dispensed a higher dosage than what was prescribed...

in it has nothing to do with a drug interactions... if I were her I would be suing walgreens and the pharmacists and making sure that said pharmacist never touches anybody's perscriptions again!


Shouldn't the doctor be at fault for not warning the patient when he prescribed the medication in the first place, or at least ran a liver check if he has a problem with alcohol??? Doesn't Walgreens and other Pharmacies hand out pamphlets that include dosage instructions and warnings?

Not to mention warning stickers on the bottle, like.. "stay out of sunlight" or "do not take with alcohol"... what did you do, use it as toilet paper?

No wonder somebody died. Darwin strikes again.


Notice when the original posted complaint is submitted it is in small letters but when the retraction is submitted the first letter is capitalized of my id. This site is a part of Walgreens and it to is a hoax.

Nothing will be done about my husbands death. Walgreens is all about themselves and about making money.

They are not concerned about the small consumer. Everyone needs to to be aware of Walgreens.


This site is using my id Pklkhsj to retract my complaint and say that it is not true. This is true.

I have been speaking with them for a while now and was only offered $5,000. I contacted 3 attorneys and was told because of the relationship with Walgreen s they were unable to take the case. I counted on Walgreen s to do what was right.

That's not happening and I thought that everyone should know. I have also contacted the television media.


What's up with this site? I posted what was true. Why is it being retracted anonymously?


Condolenses on the loss of your husband.

I am appalled by how you have been treated.

You certainly have recourse to find a lawyer and sue them but none of this brings back your beloved husband.

Thank you for posting your story,it might well save many lives as people recheck their prescriptions.

Burn a great big hole in Walgreen's.


Don't accept offers through the company. Get an attorney.

But most importantly file a complaint through your state Pharmacy board. I promise you they will hold them and the pharmacist accountable - speaking from experience (thankfully our error was caught in time - but almost led to the death of our 8 year old son)