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(Edit) When I said I called the Pharmacy to ask about being on two Schedule two narcotics, I meant my insurance company\'s pharmacy dept.

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My doctor has me on a pain contract due to my SI joint issue and osteoarthritis in both my knees. I started off on Norco 10/325 4x daily and was on that for a year before I developed more pain issues. doctor is not one of those docs that its easy to get meds from. But once he got my xray results back, he became more willing to help me. Soon I was given oxycodone 5mg (no acet) 3x day on top of the norcos.

I've been going to this walgreens in my small town (so I am not going to mention the city) for over a year now, with my narcotic scripts. Once the oxy's were added...I noticed that the Pharmacists and their assistants started putting rules on my medications. Even if my doctor did not write "must last 30 days", Walgreens refused to fill my hardcopy scripts ..not even a day early. When I called to get the oxys filled, I was told to wait another hour! And even then, when I went to pick it up, it wasnt ready!

OK, so I finally learned Walgreens "game", when my doctor thought it was a good idea to switch me from oxycodone to Morphine Sulphate 30 mg ER. This is where it got UGLY!

That med needed a PA (preauthorization) from my insurance company. Every couple of days I'm calling Walgreens and my insurance company to inquire about the PA. Well, on the last time I called, the insurance company said it was approved on 9/25/12. But I had called Walgreens days after this, and they said it wasn't approved yet. Finally, I called Walgreens and was told that "we just got the PA, but we can't fill it until your out of your Oxycodone. You can't be on two of the same class of narcotics!"

What the F&*k???????? Me being naive, waited until the date they said I could get them.

So this is where it got screwed up bad!!!! I called right when the pharmacy opened....9 am. Spoke to some pharmacist that I barely could understand what she was saying, and vice versa! She just pissed me off so I said I would call back in an hour to talk to the main assistant. Called at 11 am actually, and was told, " Well, we are super swamped right now! And when I tried to run it through, the insurance company DENIED it! So call me back LATER!!".

1) Why would they deny it? it got approved 15 days earlier???

2) Call back later?? Its my pain medicine, that I have the right to recieve now!

But, biggie....After all, I did have a couple of my oxy's left, and my I wasn't hurting. But still.

So, at one point, I called my pharmacy and asked them why their would an issue with me being on both oxycodone and Morphine at the same time...and they said their isn't.

When I called Walgreens and told the assistant this, she said to me, " It has nothing to do with your insurance company! Its our policy!!!!!!!!!!!" OMG!!

I ended up calling every hour....on the hour to inquire about my med. Each time, being told that "Well, ____, were super busy. call back LATER". Do you know when they finally got around to filling that med????? At 4 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the last time I called, I was pissed!!!!! I said, " _____this is bullsh$t!!! I have the right to my medication!!!" and was talked back very rudely!!!

I'm trying to find out where I can file a formal complaint, and after talking to my friend who gets his narcotics from Bi-mart.....I'm going to start going their and hope that I receive better treatment.

It wasn't until I started reading about TONS of complaints online about Walgreens and their BS instore policy that I realized that Walgreens seriously thinks they can control a person use of Narcotic pain relievers!! It's not just this small town's's Walgreens EVERYWHERE!! Google it, you will see.

I've read online about people being on all three meds at once, so it can't be an FDA guideline. It isn't like their huge quantities!!

So, Walgreens now has officially lost my business. And I'm going to spread the word to anyone who needs to be on prescribed narcotics....ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO TO WALGREENS!!!

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What's even better???????????? When I was at Walgreens, there WAS a pharmacist there who I really liked...he always treated me with respect...but he quit.

since I switched over to Bi-mart...Guess who the Pharmacist is there???????? LOL My favorite one!!!


1. My Doctor is amazing!!!!

2. I don't live in Eugene, Oregon. I put that so my real city isn't disclosed.

3. I finally switched over to Bi-mart, and the service there is awesome!!!!

Why tell me I live in Eugene? Because Eugene is not a small town? Yeah, I'm aware. I've only lived there most of my life. But....getting off my soapbox....................


Let me guess your Dr is a pain managment Dr, And I use Dr very loosly. By the way your in Eugene, OR