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I have always used the Walgreen's Pharmacy at 9301 Miller Road, Miami since childhood.

My experience with them the last few years has been very unsatisfactory. They have put my medications on auto-refill and they are never available at the pre-agreed time. When I called, they have told me the medications are filled and when I arrive, they are not. I am told to return in half an hour.

Today I tried to refill my brother's medication, one of many he takes for congestive heart failure. Although the pharmacy gave us a few day's medication to get us through the holiday, until they could phone the doctor, the medication was not filled by the date needed, and so we went to the pharmacy today after phoning the doctor ourselves. The doctor's assistant took the information and said she would update the prescription electronically. When we arrived at the pharmacy we were told the doctor's office had not called. The pharmacy tech phoned the doctor's office and told us to come back in half an hour. When we did, we learned that the prescription was filled for one tablet a day. My brother takes three tablets a day. It seems that when we were issued an emergency supply of pills, the prescription suddenly morphed into a different number of tablets per month.....in a computer system that clearly was not designed to flag such an error. Calling the doctor's office again resulted in an angry interchange. We were told it would be filled within twenty minutes, as soon as the doctor's office called the pharmacy to change the prescription to three tablets a day. Well, we waited and waited for forty minutes and the call did not come, so we phoned the doctor's office again. We were told by the doctor's assistant that the pharmacy had to make the call. We said WAIT A MINUTE, FIX THIS SITUATION! We were told it would take about ten minutes and a half hour later, we had the pills, labeled three a day, #90.

There were only 88 pills in the bottle. Before the final episode in this saga of humiliation and incompetence, we were told the physician had cancelled or denied the prescriptiion refill.....which was a surprise to us, as we had just spoken with the office. Evidently there are some really insulting phrases which scroll across the computer screen when unplanned eventualities occur in issuing prescriptions... and the pharmacists are evidently instructed to mouth these phrases immediately to the customers..

This is unprofessional and clearly is an instance of a corporate system usurping the job of medical professionals. My father was a pharmacist for more than fifty years in Florida and I am aware of the role of pharmacists.

I do not recommend anyone use this pharmacy. There is a 24 hour Walgreen's within five miles of this location and so there is no reason to risk your health. I spent well over three hours of my workday in the pharmacy

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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