Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Walgreens deliberately makes it difficult to transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies!

Walgreens 16395 Wager Way, Eden Prairie, MN

Walgreens makes it very difficult to transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies. On Jan 6, 2014 I requested Walgreens to transfer my prescriptions to CVS, Walgreens said I could not transfer them; only CVS could transfer them. On Jan 7th: I went to the CVS who filled out a request and attempted to transfer all my prescriptions and filling one. Walgreens transferred the one to be filled but refused to transfer the others. CVS was told that they could only be transferred on a one by one basis as they needed to be refilled. The problem is that the new prescriptions sent to Walgreens last month by my doctor for use when the old prescriptions run out up to Dec 2014. How can they be transferred? I have had problems with Walgreens before, being told that prescriptions were expired and cannot be refilled, when they already have new prescriptions on file. I need all prescriptions transferred, existing and those on file. It appears that Walgreens is deliberately making it difficult to transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies!

I then went back to Walgreens 16395 Wager Way to get a list of prescriptions to be transferred. What I got was a lot of refill info that I am trying to sort out.

Normally, CVS just asks that my profile (all prescriptions) be transferred, which they did but request was denied by Walgreens. Walgreens claims that they were too busy to transfer prescription. However, they were given several days to perform the transfer, as they need to be filled in 7 days.

In another matter, last week Walgreens told me that I would have to pay full price for a prescription to be filled, dues to a insurance computer problem. Once solved in a few days, I could come back and get a refund for the difference. This also appears to be a lie, since my new med insurance (Express Scripts) does not cover Walgreens. Had it been filled by Walgreens, I would be out $40.

It appears that my best solution is to send this letter to my Clinic, requesting they recall all prescriptions from Walgreens and reissue them to another pharmacy.

EP Walgreens customer

PS. This appears to be another case of Walgreens corrupt management policies (see other cases settled for millions below). Another is computer phone solicitations. I was told this my local store, that this was a corporate policy and could not be stopped; so I gave them a voice mail only phone # and never listen and delete all Walgreens messages without listening to them. However Walgreens could no longer contact me.

Hopefully, this letter will help others find a pharmacy that cares about customers more than profits!

___________________________MPR Sept 26, 2011 WALGREEN CO., the nationwide retail pharmacy giant, operates with over 6000 stores across America. It markets itself as "The Pharmacy that America trusts." This is the third False Claims Act Medicaid fraud lawsuit that Walgreens has settled, each time for millions of dollars. (See the prior cases of Lusitza v. Walgreen Co. and California by Relator Mueller v. Walgreen Corp.). In 2007, Walgreen had net sales of $53 billion. It is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois.

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go to a local phrmacist he will call your doctor or call walgreens No issues for you. also your dr office (staff) can reissue the scripts anywhere you want (you have already gotten approval from the dr for the scripts) just call the dr office and ask for new scripts tell them you are having nothing but issues from your current pharmacy and need to switch and they are not halping you.


Same happened to me at St.Louis,MO(Walgreens at crossing Lemay Ferry and Butler Hill street.Unfriendly pharmacists,i will change pharmacy and next time go to CVS.