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I worked for the Walgreens Home Infusion Office.If you are a new employee, all I can say is GOOD LUCK!!

They will give you absolutely NO Training! They will sit you in front of a computer, tell you to learn the computer system yourself and walk away. They will never really talk to you again or give you the time of day. If you like breaks, well, forget it!

No breaks, Walgreens employees do not deserve them. If you have a fever, they will send you home but plan on getting written up when you return after having a flu virus. Corporate could care less what illness you have, whether its minor or serious, you should be at work infecting everyone else. If you have worked there for more than five years, it gives you the right to treat your fellow employees like complete ***, Management is fine with this.

No problem. To management, you are just a body and you are replaceable, you mean nothing to the company.

God help if someone quits, because they will not be replaced and then the rest of the staff has to work two jobs of one person.My advice, if you are looking for a Job, do not choose Walgreens because you will be sadly disappointed.


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Wow this is the most accurate description of the way Walgreens employees are treated th I have heard in awhile!!!!I worked for Walgreens for 10 years & watched them neglect & mistreat thier employees, I'm just as guilty because I was in a management position & forced to enforce thier unfair ways.

When I finally stood up for what was right I was tossed out like trash after 10 years of dedication & extremely hard work.I hope this company gets what they deserve somehow someway

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1005282

I work for Walgreen's in MN and I really enjoy it!I feel bad for everyone who is or has had a bad experience working for this company.

The managers at the store I work at are considerate of my fellow employees and I. When it came to training everyone was patient and helpful. My managers work with me when it comes to my availability, time off, and hours.

They also make sure everyone gets there breaks.I'm happy to work for Walgreen's!


Not only is the above statement correct, but recently I worked for Walgreens and was literally only staying for the benefits and the pay.However, I should have left a long time ago when this new employee was hired and was treating me like *** from day one.

No matter how many times I reported her verbal and physical harassment, she had always gotten away with it.

She would insult me on a daily basis, to the point I actually requested a transfer but was refused it.

On one night, I was walking to my mom's work because she got off work 30 minutes after I did, and we carpool.This same employee lived on the street I had to walk down and I had no knowledge of this.

Turns out, she supposedly felt that I was following her and reported to my store manager that she felt threatened by me.

I was fired for "Workplace Violence" because of this, despite me telling the managers that I was only walking to my mom's work and had no intentions of harming the other employee.

So walgreens supports not only bullying, but discrimination as well.

Islip, New York, United States #783098

Walgreens also plays with employee time and then when asked about it, they say, "Oh, it must have been a mistake".

Islip, New York, United States #783096

You are so right.Walgreens could care less about it's employees.

During snow storms, emails are sent out threatening employees that the stores are to be open ON TIME. No regard for anyone's safety. If customers can't get to the stores in 3 feet of snow, how do they expect the employees to get there? Everything is a THREAT not a request.

No on is ever thanked for a good job.This could be why the store managers have given up and let their stores look like ***.

Get out if you can.


I worked at Walgreens for 4 months and you are so right about the breaks...I would work 8 and 10 hour days and only get 1-30 minute break, then I got fired shortly after I brought this to the managers attention. The reason I was fired was because I took a liter out of the store to light my cigarette and put it back when my break was done...they were searching for a reason to fire me and I finally gave them one..they'll be hearing from the EEOC soon. Everyone who worked there was too *** not to know about the break policy and were taken advantage of.

Just to let everyone know..if you work at Walgreens and you work an 8 hour day or more...you are entitled to one 30 minute break AND 2 fifteen minute breaks...regardless of how busy or short-staffed they are...managers problem, not yours

Chicago, Illinois, United States #742936

I agree with you I'm working for Walgreen's and I hate it!!! my manager is friend only with employees who work there 10 years even they are going evry hour on cigarette!!!!!


I've only been with Walgreens for 3 months and really liked my job at first.I have a degree, am older, and I actually had high hopes… until I realized that one of the shift managers (who makes the schedule) has issues with people who have medical disabilities.

Doctor's note..no matter, everything the doctor said I needed to do and to avoid (all very reasonable and really no big deal) meant she made sure I always had to do what I wasn't supposed to do (medically), and didn't do what I needed to do (medically). I'm also singled out, which I believe is looking more and more like a racial situation with this supervisor (who always schedules me with her). I really don't know what to do, but I do know the disrespect, rudeness, singling out, etc. is really wearing on my nerves.

I work extremely hard and simply don't understand what her problem is.:?

…At the corner of Sick & Tired-of-it-all


If you can not find any other job this should be your last resort.You cant call in or ask days off without a good reason.

I have aksed fridays off but i was told that i could not because it wont be fair to other, but it is fair that someone to get every sunday or saturday off because they have been working with the company for so long.

Oh and if you go to church or any other, good luck asking days off cuz they will not allow it.They dont care about you and treat you like ***.


UNFAIR PAY.FAVORITISM, the first two things i can think of.

I work as a "service clerk" but work in the photo lab 5 out of 6 days. I do the same exact *** the photo specialists do( stock freezer, clean stockroom,dealing with photo customers with extremely high stupidity levels, Oh and my favorite! killing roaches wherever and whenever they appear). and yet i get paid $3 LESS an hour because i work in Checkout ONCE.

ive asked to take the photo assessment to become certified, but was told it dosent exsist anymore and that everyone is a " service clerk" , but we just give higher pay to who WE choose. ***. Like breaks? well guess what forget about it, no breaks.

ive even been "secretely told" by management that i should work off the clock because we were busy. Also the management staff are dumb as bricks. NONE of them know how to solve ***, in photo, up front, dosent matter expect to hear *** *** coming from their mouth. might i also mention training sucks...

as a matter of fact i was never trained i learned everything my *** self. Earlier today i was told by management my life outside of work is worthless when i needed a day off the FIRT TIME I HAVE EVER NEEDED A DAY OFF quote" no ones coming in for you tommorow because whatever your need to do is less important "than coming in on *** SUNDAY MORNING, when no one when nonone even comes tonthe store. Oh yeah and if management dosent like you be careful because they will( and have) set me up. my register comes up$100 short and apperently i cant count, yeah right.

So anyways *** walgreens and any management working there the day i get fired im smackin the *** out of my shift lead with a *** baseball bat.good day to the rest of ya

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