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I worked as a Customer Service Associate at Walgreens for 3 years. I used to be one of their favorite employees until a new manager took over & brainwashed the other assistant managers into disliking me.

I would always volunteer to work extra shifts, work all holidays, train new employees, help management when I got my work finished. But all that didn't mean anything to them. I had over 80 hours of vacation banked up. Yet I was never allowed to use them.

One other employee who had only worked there for 8 months got a full five days of vacation! Other employees would not show up on certain days & not call in to say the reason why. Out of the 3 years that I worked there, I only called in sick twice (because I really was sick, not faking it) & was written up. The manager also took me into the office, closed the door and had me in a corner talking down to me saying, "You can't take days off or else the company will lose money.

I'm trying to run a business here. If this happens again, you will start losing your money." Another thing about walgreens: they don't care if you go to school. My manager got upset at me one time cuz I was only available to work 4 days out of the week. I had school on the other 3 days.

Walgreens was my first job. I started working there in high school when I was 16. They wanted me to work on my graduation day. But of course what person in their right mind would work instead of going to their own high school graduation ceremony?

It was absolutely ridiculous! I finally quit 2 months ago.

I just think its very cowardly for a group of older ADULT managers in their mid-30's and above (who've been working at walgreens for over 10 years as managers) to act this way towards a teenager who is working very hard to pay for college tuition. I feel like the only people who truly valued me were my co-workers & customers.

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That's a shame. You should of reported them