Chicago, Illinois
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I literally had a manager come from behind me and snatch my basket out of my hands. Call me a *** and tell me to get the *** out of his store.Not only due i have cervical spinal stenosis & nerapathy,so to be starteled and a basket ripped out of my hands caused me to have severe pain ." A lawyer ,every news station, all ,the political parties involved will be notified of not only the disrespect,embaressment,pain caused,and foremost, the worst one if all is the racial profiling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You have to be leaving something out...and if this is actually true then this should be all over the Internet and news


What did you do that you are leaving out here?I seriously doubt you did nothing to cause this.You fail! Using the race card this way is not what it was intended for..remember the boy who cried wolf?


Cried wolf I'm not crying by no means . The God s honest truth I'm not leaving nothing out.

That's what happened racial profiling that's part of it ,to pass judgement on me based in what his I was dressed, the way I look, that's why they have security camera s .

the main point here is the disrespect as a customer I spend my hard earned money in their stores I pay taxes. But to be humiliated like that can't just leave it alone.


Racial profiling, are you white?

@Race Card