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I live (basically right across the street) by this Walgreens & go there on a daily basis. Tried to go tonight but was unable to, as the sign posted on the front door. Makes me wonder as a store that is supposed to be open 24/7 why they are closed???

It's clearly visible they had power. You can still run a operation if your P.O.S system crashes or your credit card provider goes offline. Trust me as I have experienced this numerous times, operating restaurants in NYC, it happens.

Having been in the store on a daily basis the employees are always friendly & helpful when you are looking for something. Wonder if it had anything to do with the manager of the store??!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Woah, big spender!!! I'm sure they will regret not staying open all night long so you could meander on in and spend your $3!

This certainly was worth writing a complaint about ...

"mechanical pencils" in the middle of the night are a true emergency! Thank goodness you found a store that was open!


If 24-hour stores "never" closed then they would not have locks on the doors. So guess what ..

There are times when the store may need to close, and they really don't care what you think about it. Because your opinion does not matter one bit.


God forbid another human had an emergency! How dare they close the store?


Maybe they had an emergency. Human nature things can happen.


Yeah they should open the store for your $2.99. In sure they'll lose sleep over that missed sale.


lol Omnigusted you obviously didn't read the OP's complaint it's about a Walgreen's and his receipt is from Rite Aid. before posting such a wall of text reply maybe you should read what he's complaining about eh?


Interestingly enough, the receipt you posted is not from Walgreen, it's from Rite Aid.

What's wrong with you?


Soooo, Lemoore CA, you are upset because the store was closed? Your set-sideways receipt for the date in question...if that is what it indeed is because you say the store was closed cannot be read very easily.

The sales tag, if that is what you posted online here, seems to have been generated by one of those ubiquitous Scan item/ read bar code/ figure subtotal, add sales tax on taxable items/ finally arrive at a bottom line total of charges. How did store manage to give you what looks like a machine-printed receipt, if the store was closed due to "no power?" Huh?

What's problem? No other drug/department stores available wherever it is you live?

Likely as not, the check-out clerks cannot 1) write up sales tags on the bill-and-copy pads I am willing to bet the store sells, 2) figure sales tax and be sure to not figure tax on things that should not be taxed, 3) run a simple battery-operated hand-held calculator I am additionally willing to bet "your" Walgreens' sells.

I have seen the "cannot do simple math, do not know how to figure tax, etc etc but here in Northern CA MexiGlish is becoming The language to use since myriads hundreds+ years old walnut orchards were ripped out by the "Whee!

We will grow grapes and make wine!" bleeping idiots who succeeded in causing people who had been able to depend on their year-round Good Water wells...key words there are "HAD been able to depend," etc.

Next time you are in a fast-"food" selling site, sneak a look at the counter-person's cash register buttons. I am willing to bet that 8.9/10, those little buttons hold not words but PICTURES of the so-called food to be sold. A simple "One burger, no lettuce, no fries, one small coffee" order can take forEVER to process because of the MexiGlish *** behind the counter not being able to find No Lettuce, No Fries buttons on the damned register.

I really am sorry you were inconvenienced because the stores' lights were on but no one was willing to serve you.

Likely as not, if the honcho-in-charge had gotten brilliant and handed out Bill and Copy pads to sales clerks, his/her little hand would have been slapped by Upper Echelon employees, possibly charged with theft.

And the clerks still would not have known how to write up a simple order. Suggest you use another branch of the same store...maybe.