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My son requested medication refill via his Walgreens app the night before it was due for refill.. I went to pick it up after work only to be told they could not fill it because it needed to be authorized by his doctor.

I asked why they didn't call my son or send a text to let him know he needed to get a another authorization. This medication is not a medication you can stop cold turkey.The pharmacist would know this or should know this! . It was a Friday night at nearly 5:00 when I got there.

What doctor is available They didn't even care. This is not the only incident of poor service I've had with this Walgreens. The pharmacy staff are rude and stand in the back talking even when a customer is waiting in line. I work in the medical field where we are trained and encouraged to put patients first.

These patients are often Walgreens customers. Maybe Walgreens should put their employees through some customer service training and pharmacy techs should know a little about the medications they are dispensing. Perhaps it would give them some insight into the patients needs. I'm horribly disappointed by this Walgreens.

If it wasn't near my son's home I wouldn't go there at all. Fortunately I go to a CVS pharmacy for my prescription s.

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Leon Valley, Texas, United States #959464

Is your son set up for automatic calls or text messages? It is hard for the pharmacist to personally notify everyone when they are filling hundreds of prescriptions per day.

I think it's best to try to fill your prescriptions a week before you run out especially if they are very serious and important medications. What is different about CVS?

Are they not as busy? Just curious.

to Anonymous Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States #961807

it does no good to order earlier.The pharmacist makes the decision based on her or his "mood"

to Anonymous #962291

Find a small local pharamacy.We would call doctors all the time it was part of my job.We kept up on if someone needed a refill.We also would call patients to remind them when a refill is due or if they did not pick up their meds.That is the way it is supposed to be.With big chain stores you don't get that.

to Anonymous Roseville, Michigan, United States #1172307

The pharmacy at CVS aren't encouraged to use their discretionary power to decide whether to fill your prescription or not.

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