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I apparently use the most incompetent pharmacy ever! Every month I go through the same frustration with refills with these morons.

I have been trying since Friday the 14th through today the 17th with them saying they don't have my refill from the doctor. She text me a picture of the confirmation of them receiving it on the 14th at 10:34 pm. But the *** behind the counter tells me no we don't have it. Even showed him a picture and our conversation and says I'm sorry I will just have to resubmit it again.

What an ***!!!! Now all of a sudden he says oh it was sent after hours so we didn't get it! WHAT! Wow after throwing a jack *** fit it miraculously showed up and I got my script in 5 minutes!

THEY SUCK! I'm glad I wasn't dying.

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what a rude customer. if you "were dying" you wouldn't of been in a store.

chill out. if you EVER need your drugs "right now or you'll die" go to a hospital.

i know what happened but you are to slow to figure it out. not going to explain which i am sure they tried to do because you only hear what you want

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