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Every time I go to walgreens on Jackson st in alexandria, la. They take hours and almost always screw something up.

Today I dropped my prescriptions off and was told they would be ready in a few hours so I came by later and they were not ready and one was out of stock. So I came back 3 hours later and they didn't have another one in stock. My prescriptions were 2 tubes of medications, one was a one time dose, and the other was an antibiotic.

So I asked for my prescriptions back, and took them 30 minutes to give them back. I am going somewhere else now!

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they are cutting hours for employees, they change titles and deduct 5.00 dollars an hour for managers year after year. I guess you can finally get customer service when no employees are left.

If you just lost 5.00 dollars and hour would you help your customers.

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