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I recently ordered some wallet-sized prints of my Bros Sr. pics (that i took) from Walgreen's online.

I knew there were going to be 4 images on a single print and realized that i would have to cut them and I'm okay with this.

I arrived at the store and picked up the photos but when i got home and looked at them, they were all fit on 4x6 prints. They were tiny. I cut a single photo from the print and compared it with the photos that i DO have in my wallet and the comparison was pathetic.

I brought the prints back to Walgreen's shortly after and asked if they had made a mistake. They said "that's the size our wallet prints are" and when i asked if they could remake the wallets out of 5x7 sheets rather then the 4x6 they refused and said that they can't do that.

Needless to say, I am super pissed.

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Printing them on larger paper will not increase the size of the wallet. They will still print up the size the machine is programed for.


I just want to say that walgreens screwed up

"big time" on this one. You CAN take that 4x6 mini print,

scan it, and make a 5x7. If Wags isnt teaching their people basics

as simple as that, there is a customer service "disconnect"

at Walgreens.

I do work fot CVS Caremark, btw, and our people are trained

and expected to be able to handle this kind of situation.


As for training we are subpare on this. I learn something new everyday for the past 5 years in the lab.

I always try to explain this to the customer and tell them I will try to find a way to make it work for them.

I truly love my Fuji Frontier machines too!

We still do a lot of 35mm. Don't want a dry lab either.


:p I'm a Head Photo Specialists as of 20 months and I got a 30cent promotion raise but when August came for our regular raise I got 10cent because they figured since I already got a promotion raise it should be included in the equation. lol


Not all Walgreens have the same machines, I have those *** insta-labs, and the only wallets I can print are the sad little ones on the 4x6 paper...I miss my fuji machine


I hear you I am a "photo specialist" for Walgreens as well and my head photo supervisor is a complete *** I didnt take the position because no pay raise, Walgreens could not afford it, wow what a joke so now i let her deal with all the drama and laugh and your story is funny, because u can make a wallet size photo bigger on a 5x7 sheet. Go to cvs if u have a problem about walgreens photo.



Actually, the Fuji Frontiers cost upwards of $100k.

T from post #1 is correct. If the photo tech simply hit 'compose' on the PIC side of the screen, he could have chosen a multi-pic template to print you regular sized wallet. However, most of your average 'photo specialists' would haveno way of knowing that because the training at Walgreens is so basic and subpar. I'm three years in and I'm STILL learning new things, mostly by accident.


Actually, you can print that size. Put in the four inch paper. Go into compose images, then click the tab for multiple, and select wallets (two to a sheet) from there. I don't remember exactly what it's called, but there's so little listed under that tab that it shouldn't be hard to figure out.

I'm not sure whether it works on the new machines, either, since I've yet to see / work with one.

At any rate, both of these sized photos are called "wallets". There's no way the employee would know which one you want unless you specifically told them, and it's not something most Walgreens employees are likely to know since it's technically not something we sell (no price in the system for it). I would sell it as four small wallets = two large wallets, since the large ones take two sheets instead of one.

Don't blame it on the employees, blame it on the lack of training- I only discovered this by randomly trying it one day to see what would happen.


They are "Walgreens Wallets" ;)


to get those wallets to print correctly would quite literally require reprogramming the paper characteristics of the machine...and getting fuji's blessing to do so. Seeing as how that photo machine can easily cost as much as a mid-size car, they're generally not all that inclined to do so...


Walgreens did not refuse. It is impossible for the machine and program they use to make wallets on 5" paper. If they put 5" paper in the machine to do so, they would have to override an error message and you would get the same size wallets on the 5" with white boarder on 2 sides.