Westby, Wisconsin

Walgreens shows their sale prices on the shelf. But when you get the register, they charge you a higher price.

You have to watch them like a hawk and tell them they overcharged you. The clerks don't care that they overcharged you and they never apologize for it. Then you have to stand there and wait while the clerk looks for the coupon so that that she can ring up the correct price.

I wonder how much money Walgreens makes on its unsuspecting consumers who think they are buying something for the advertised sales price and then get charged the full price. What a ripoff.

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Walgreens would be hard pressed to deny to me that their policy is to make their sales as confusing as possible in order to charge full price at checkout. No other store chain I've shopped at ever requires you to be so diligent in checking their confusing sales tags and to jump through so many hoops to actually get their sale prices.

Some Walgreens sales require a store coupon - available in one of up to three current flyers with different expiration dates. Many do not require a coupon. Seems obvious to me why. If every sale price required a coupon, customers would be conditioned to using them and would never forget them. As it is, they are needed just infrequently enough to cause customers to forget, especially since in reality it is a useless and time-consuming task the store is requiring you to perform in this age of computerized inventory management. (They might just as well require the customer to hop up and down on one leg and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to get a sale price.)

Some Walgreens sales require the use of their recently-introduced rewards card, some do not. What a treat it is waiting in line behind someone who has forgotten their card or the phone number it was listed under. Or better yet, having to wait behind someone who is signing up. I'd like to have a small fraction of what a single store makes off of customers who pay a higher price just to avoid signing up for their rewards card because they are in a hurry.

Most Walgreens sales have tiered pricing (buy 2 or more and get one price, buy only one and get a higher price) or require a minimum purchase to get any discount. Again, you have to watch them like a hawk at checkout because they won't prompt you to any mistake. For example, if you paid $3.99 for one item and the second identical item (which you failed to pick up) would cost you only 1 more cent, they are NOT going to tell you.

So OK. It's clear that the only purpose of these policies is to trip up as many consumers as possible to deny the sale price at the register and cause them to accept the regular price. Caveat emptor.

But what really irritates me is the number of times they will post sale tags on the aisles early or neglect to remove tags for expired sales. I've been tripped up on this little practice several times in several different Walgreens stores. These premature or expired tags lure the consumer to select the item, but when they get to the cashier they have to first a) notice they didn't get the sale price, then b) try to convince the cashier they saw a tag for it on the shelf. Most times, there are people waiting behind you. What are you going to do, hold up the line to save 30 cents while you rush to the back of the store to pull a price tag off the shelf? Go to another store? No. As long as the price difference is not too excessive you're going to shrug your shoulders and pay the higher price.

Don't any of you Walgreens employees tell me that Walgreens management doesn't count on all this happening. If they truly didn't want it to happen, they would simplify and clarify their sales policies. Look at a chain like department store chain like Walmart or Target or grocers like Woodman's or Meier. They don't pull this sort of stuff.


I agree that if the item needs a coupon to get the discount, is responsability of the customer to bring it when doing the purchase, but what about when the tag is in the lowest shelf, with a big font for the price and a tiny one for the discount explanation? do you really expect the customers to crawl in their hands and knees to read it? and also, by the sound of it, the comments left by the employees of Walgreens, sound like the kind that management should read and track down, so they know what is wrong with their stores.


AHAHAHAHA. This is the funniest thing I've ever read.

As a Walgreens employee, I absolutely find it adorable how you keep saying the cashier "overcharged" you. The cashier does not CHARGE you for anything. The cashier does not MAKE the prices up or decide the sales and whether or not something requires a coupon. It's not our job to tell you if there's a coupon.

If you actually would have read the ad tag completely (a.k.a. the words and just not the numbers), it ALWAYS tells you if something requires an in-store coupon or a register reward. It's not our fault if you don't bother to read the fine print. You know the rack of ads and coupon books that are in the front of the store?

Yeah, those are there for YOUR use to find YOUR coupons. Employees can't memorize every coupon anyway. Not only do we have a different ad every week but we have monthly books.

Some of us are in college working part time and I'm sorry, but do you expect us to study hours on end and on top of that, study the ad for hours every night? Please...just read and pay attention and you won't get "ripped off"


Went in to Walgreens yesterday to take advantage of the 2/$8 for head and shoulders with a $2 RR. Figured I'd combine it with 2 BOGOs and a save $1 on 2.

My math = 4/$7 & 2RRs. Walgreen's math = $5.99 (1st one) + $2.01 (2nd one is reduced to meet total) = $8 for each set of 2. They then told me I would get the 2 'cheaper' bottles free. Meaning I was paying $11.98 for 2 bottles and getting $4.01 (the other 2 bottles) free...

Ultimately, I couldn't get the clerk to understand that if I was PAYING for 2 bottles and the prices is 2/$8 it makes no sense at all that I end up paying almost $12 for 2 so I refused the sale. When will the stores learn AND train their employees. We know the company reimburses you for the cost and pays .08 so it's only a rip off to me.

It must be how it's showed in the earnings. Thank god for HEB.


Really!!! Since when is it the cashiers job to get you the coupon?

The coupons are available to everyone and are always by the entrance. We don't require you to have a "special" card to get our prices. It's not our fault you don't read the ad tag. I've been here for 30 years and it seems to me the customers are getting ruder.

Lots of times the customers treat the employees like we are not as good as they are.

Rudeness goes both ways. Don't have an attitude with us and we won't have one with you.


I love how customers *** about "wasting"

their money at our stores, our service is

terrible, blah,blah, but you know they'll

be back! I have tried to get rid of some of

you ON PURPOSE, and you still won't go. We

must be doing something right! One of my

favorite things to do is walk the customer

to the tag, point with my finger, and pronounce every word out for them, very

slowly, like talking to a child, what the

tag says, "Well, the tag says," finger pointing," you have to buy 2, sir, and no,

you can't get it half price just because there's only one on the shelf, you can wait til next truck day." Oh, and by the way, People, we cashiers are not your own personal garbage disposal. I will not throw your trash away, when there's a garbage can on your way out!


Only Ignorant people, that don’t like to read, are the once that always complaint. There is a lot to save at Walgreens if you know how to read carefully.

There are the weekly sales, the monthly sales, and the register rewards, and this is besides the coupons given in the Sunday newspaper. Please, customers, don’t be upset with Walgreens if you don’t take 10 seconds of your time to read the sales ad and verify what it says, and don’t be upset with the clerk or staff because there are thousands of items in the store, in which thousands of those thousands are on sale. It would be impossible for the staff to remember every single item that is on sale, let alone the sales price of each one!!! Don’t be ignorant people, and try to be more patient and understanding and courteous with the staff.

It will go a long way, TRUST ME!!!

If you are nice and ask in a polite and nice matter, the managers would go the extra mile for you, and even if you are wrong, most managers would give it to you as the price you thought it was, as a courtesy, just to keep you happy and continuous Walgreens customer. Take it from me; I am a Walgreens manager myself!!!!


Angry with Walgreens Corporate - not the individual stores - I do my reading and research - I spend part of my Sunday clipping coupons reading the ads - Walgreens just purposely and intently trying to mislead the predictable lazy consumer - one of which i am not!!! Would be sad to lose a customer who actually likes your stores. CVS, RITE -AID, Safeway, Stop and Shop ...

@Amy P.

no one would care if you stopped going there. you'd be saving them head aches you frugal ***.


put it in the p.s.

The employees at my neighborhood Walgreens are awesome. Walgreens employees in my home town also awesome - courteous, informative, most helpful, ALWAYS PATIENT, and have been friendly despite that they may have been dealing with an inpatient and unappreciative public all day. Cheers to these people who have yet to let me down.



$5 off, these products - if you buy 2 get 1/2 off one of equal lesser value - register rewards!!!! This is so obvious - they deliberately try to confuse the consumer - they don't do it well either. I just have to spend more time figuring out this week's angle - and bring a *** calculator. The new discounts are rarely what they seem.



It is very frustrating when customers think that we (the clerks) do that to them on purpose! We have no control over what price things ring up!

I think it'd be a lot easier w/o all of the coupons, but I just work there! Btw, at my walgreens, the employees always apologize for something IF it's THEIR fault but if they didn't do it, they shouldn't have to!

Learn how to read the ad tags! The prices are clearly posted, you're just not taking time to read them!


Seriously. Nobody wants to read anything anymore.

It clearly says in the ad flyer and on the ad tag that a coupon is needed for the sale price. Frankly, I wish corporate wouldn't give us this extra *** to worry about, but do not blame us because you can't pay attention.


Try reading the ad tag. If it says after coupon, that means you need coupon.

Try tearing out of ad so that the cashier can scan and you can pay correct price. Nobodies falt but own lazy butt.


You know I have been in retail management for all of my adult life and it still ceases to amaze me at all the ignorant people out there that blame these things on the clerks. Are you seriously so ignorant that you fail to realize that walgreens is a national chap.?

With that being said, the clerk or cashier has no more control over what price something scans as than you do! Get over yourself!!!

If you can't understand that I highly suggest you get your "holier than though" behind to your nearest retail store and get yourself a job! I hope your first customer is an arrogant *** like you and chew you out for something you have no control over!