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Several mistakes at local Walgreens lately. Wrong Rx, calling Doctor to change Rx to what THEY thought it should be, missed pre-fill dates, snotty pharmacists who don't like to be told they've made a mistake, out of stock drugs requiring driving all over town to find, and the list goes on. MAN they are bad. They also don't offer Generics and especially not the generic deal Wal Mart now has!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

Skip Walgreens!!!!!

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This sounds all too familiar to me.

They do LOVE to call your doctor and interfere. They interfered with my insulin because they thought they were smarter than the Doctor and had to visit the ER because of their interference.

I totally agree with You. We are States away but this just seems to be a major problem regardless of Store location.

Yes, they do make a lot of mistakes and will not take responsibility for them. They blame the Customers and I have heard and witnessed rude comments behind the counter regarding customers.

RUN Away from Walgreens.


when the pharmacist calls the doctor to change your meds to what they think it should be is that practicing medicine with out a license



If you only knew how many parents send in there children to pick up medciation at the pharmacy because they are too lazy to get out of the car and come in themselves. How are we suppose to know that you didn't send them in to pick that up?? I am sorry to hear about what happened, but we are not in charge of watching what you children do.


Where did they say in the comment that their Children were picking up meds???

Most if not all Walgreens has a Drive Thru window if customer doesn't want to go in store.

Pharmacist should not be giving meds to children anyway. Just another way to blame the Customer instead of taking responsibility for their own mistakes.



It is not Walgreens responsibility to babysit your kid...maybe next time you should tell the staff to put a note on the rx to not sell it to her...and if a 14 year old is prescribed anti-depressants by the doctor then perhaps it would make sense that she is able to pick them up. So stop complaining and monitor your kid better.


i have been dealing w/walgreens for a very long time. i recently called in 2 meds. in the meantime, my doc. was trying to keep me on a name brand other med. instead of generic as i'm on medicare.

i went to drive-thru to pick up my 2, received 2 and went home. i

was not told that one of my meds. i called in was out of stock and

that one of two i picked up was from my doc. when i got home i

looked at meds. and saw something and called walgreens and then

they said one of my meds. was not available and had to be ordered

and also said i could return med. that doc. called in because it was

wrong mg. when I went over to return it i was told i could not as

they don't take back meds. that go home. well as i said, i called in 2 and rec'd. 2. at that time i was asked if i had any questions and i said no. well, i thought i was getting my 2 i called in and

besides i have plenty of 20 mg. instead of 40 mg. that was incorrectly called in. my complaint - i am out this money. i did nothing wrong. lily tulevo, the head phar. said they did nothing wrong, so i asked for scripts. in my file and all others will be removed. i don't want to do this but what would you do?

Thank you for your time(walgreens, weymouth, ma. 78l.33l -530l

eleanor kennedy


2 incidents post - both locations were in Jacksonville, FL Atlantic Beach location and on the corner of Hodges & Sutton


I have had 2 very disappointing experiences with Walgreen's pharmacy within the past week and will never shop at Walgreen's again. The automated messages are highly ineffective when the root of the issue is needing to call and update my insurance information despite reviewing and returning my card to me at drop off.

Two separate store locations too! First incident, I dropped of Rx in morning after calling to confirm availability of a specific drug. Then received three separate automated calls stating my prescription was being processed and pick up time delayed. OK, so what next....another of the same automated message.

After the third msg disrupted my busy day, I finally called to find out I needed to update my information!!! Then after I specifically stated a brand preference on drop-off picked up the rx and it was the WRONG brand!! I had to return it, they did not remove the hold, CVS pharmacists were more than helpful in getting my prescription filled and even had to call Walgreen's on 2 separate occasions after they had already confirmed to me that there would not be issues filling the Rx and they confirmed the same on CVS's first call. Incompetent, unprofessional, and unacceptable!!

Second incident occurred today and yesterday. Dropped off Rx at a different location, filled one Rx not the other. Told to come back in am, received multiple automated messages about delayed Rx...called directly only after wasting a ton of time trying to get past the endless automation that is completely useless. Finally spoke to a human who said 1 hour, just received a call that the Rx is NOT EVEN IN STOCK!!!!!!

Now, wouldn't it have been worth checking on that before I left the first time, which I thought had been done when I was asked if I wanted generic or brand. So now I get to go back yet again, to pick up my rx from walgreens and fill it at CVS, why didn't I just go there in the first place???!!

Who knows, all I know is that I am posting this on every website, consumer review site, ratings, and blog sites I can find. Not that I have the time, but in hopes that I can save someone else the hassles.


I am back and forth with walgreens right now! My child was able to pick up antidepressants because she "looked" well enough and because she knew her address, date of birth and phone number!

I don't think 14 is old enough. I did know during our trip to Walgreens, she detoured to the restroom and asked for her meds. Well hours later my 6 year old comes in and says she is on the ground. I check on her and find 2 bottles of pills.

She was in ICU and lived. I called walgreens and ask how could they give a child meds, the lady says well you know the side effects and know she has "problems", why were you not watching her? I told her I didn't think she needed me to take her to the restroom.

I think antidepressants should be given out to people 18 or older. If she got the meds in my care CPS and the police would be ready to lock me up.


Man ive never had a problem. I go there all the time and get all my family's prescriptions filled.

They even remind me to pick them up... what more could you want?


I totally agree with you. Walgreens made a mistake, a prescription error with my relative's prescription before. There was this manager named Jonn Colaizzi who didn't know what he was talking about and was a huge clown.