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This is regarding Walgreens Pharmacy at Chestnut Ridge Road in

MORGANTOWN, WV. These people there are indifferent to customers - especially those with prescriptions to fill. They have an atitude that they are doing YOU a favor by allowing you to spend your money at their store for the "services" they "provide" there.

Examples : They make errors on doctors prescriptions (with wrong refills) and then blame everyone else - it's not their error.

Then they insist you call your doctor (on a week-end) and get new

refills - despite showing them a copy of the orginal prescription.

Then they ignore you. And they tell you that they don't care for YOUR attitute for your persistence.

There are long waits to get your medications.

They are not in too much of a hurry to serve you - so YOU wait.

I don't know why people keep going there to get abused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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@medman prepare to be matter where you go it will be busy and there will be humans who make mistakes no matter how much you are paying. P.S.

It is not our job to get YOUR Ins is YOUR job to know what ins you have, the correct numbers, and what they will cover.

Everyone has different ins groups and there is no way on the planet the techs could know specifics about YOUR plan. We are already callng hundreds of doctors and ins companies, typing, verifying, filling and double checking everything...and then checking again...a couple thousand times a day.....forget what I said...PLEASE go somewhere else we are too busy to deal with demanding ungrateful people


Walgreens is always slow and they do screw up rx's all the time. It is annoying.

I don't really care if everyone has a bad day and if everyone makes mistakes.

I also have options and can take my business wherever I choose and when I go into a pharmacy to get my medicine I understand that folks are busy and trying hard, but I pay good money to recieve the correct prescription and if they need to call my doctor and insurance company to get everything correct I expect that to be done as well in a reasonable amount of time. That is what I pay for.


Bad days, everyone has them, including you.

You know what waitresses do when they're

working? They intentionally avoid eye

contact until they are ready to serve you,

because with the customer to employee ratio,it's difficult to handle so many at

once and get everything right. It really

sounds like you need to go back to that pharmacy and get a chill pill. As for the rest of you, you all suck at sentence structure and grammar. Spelling is great, but only if you're using the right words in the right order in the first place.


You go there, tell me why you continue the abuse.

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