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I bought 3 items at Walgreens; all had $20 rebates for a total of $60. My scanner was broken at the time so I sent in the forms without making copies.

I have sent in hundreds of rebates, without a single one being lost. Wouldn't you know it--Walgreens said they never received the largest rebate that I ever sent in to them. Hmmmm. I believe one of their rebate processors, sent my rebate to themselves or one of their friends or relatives.

Walgreens customer service was abusive; condescending; and flippant.

I think I'm going to pay local kids to shoplift valuable items at Walgreens and vandalize the store...maybe.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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The kids have stolen about $2,000 worth of stuff so far; as well as flattening dozens of tires. Guess it was worth ripping off my $60.

"just kidding"


FYI: Walgreens does not run the rebate center. It is a separate company.

Those employees probably re-routed the $60 to one of their relatives. It happens all of the time on the larger rebates.

Can you say MINORITY. They don't have any morals.


Probably a Trump supporter. 99.999% likely.


ahahahahahahahaaaaaaa what a bunch of pathetic scammers!!! get a *** JOB and stop living off of the government and stop ripping off companies


What a loser. 6 figures for $60.

Hope you don't ever talk *** about any lawyers, because it's people like you that keep them in business.

Too bad your full of it. There were no such settlements regarding this.


Thank you for all of your positive comments. FYI: I settled with Walgreens for an undisclosed amount (it was 6 figures).

The company that processes the Walgreen's rebates, had in fact, an employee who had been sending the larger rebates to his relatives. An audit revealed that over $6,000 had been illegally diverted to his family.

Unfortunately, I received my settlement before I had the chance to vandalize the local store, or to hire pre-teen recruits to carry out my shoplifting scheme. However, I am still am considering the implimintation of this tactic should my latest rebate check of $2.30 not come back in 6-8 weeks.


you are sicko, you don't know what the *** you are talking about. you are going to teach kids to steal just cuz you didn't get rebate.


The OP is correct, we do steal rebate checks. In addition to that, we also kick puppies, steal food from the tables of orphans, expel more than our allotted CO2 emissions, and (don't tell anyone this) take widow's pensions.

Come on!!! Are you serious!?!?! Just because you were too lax in following instructions, you're contemplating having kids shoplift?!?!

We do have more things to worry about than your $60 that was probably mailed to the wrong address. Get a life!


You are an ***!


That comment us riduculous. Do you really think this huge billion dollar company is out to try and steal your $60.

What your saying is illegal and just plain immoral.

It saddens me to think someone would want to teach children to steal. Great lesson for our youth.


Yes, it must have got lost in the mail. It is not walgreens fault that you did not make copies of your rebate, when they strongly advise you too.

They cannot process your rebate if they cannot find your submission in their computers. It is impossible, for the rebate processors to send this amount to themselves.


The post office probably lost it. You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting that you would have kids steal and vandalize just to make yourself feel better.