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Walgreens, using their "new" culture as an excuse are really just getting rid of their older employees. The sad thing is the "employee relations" department is going along with it.

My last supervisor harassed me constantly at home and at work, told upper management lies about my work and in general made my life and a lot of the employees lives miserable. I took it because I really liked the company and thought I just had the bad luck of getting a couple of bullies for store managers and community leaders. My little 'I know everything even though my butt is in the office all of the time and none of the employees respect me because I'm such a ***' fired me after 13 years of Walgreens employment. The little *** just said that I got fired because "even though she did the best job she could" that I just didn't work to his standards.

At 56 I am out in the land of the unemployed, and even though I reported his mistreatment to loss prevention, the district manager and later employee relations, this know it all was able to exagerate and lie about me to the point that I got fired. I worked for the community leader for 5 ish years before I was transferred and on my evaluation the year before I got transferred, she rated me as could handle being a store manager at a store at the same volume as hers. Her store was the busiest store in the community. But yet my work doesn't satisfy the little worm, so he is allowed to fire me.

I really thought that someone in the company would see that justice was done, but no, that's not going to happen. Even though just now I called my former boss a little worm, never, never did anyone ever accuse me of being impolite.

I can only hope that I don't lose my house and my pets and that what comes round goes round for everyone in that company. I know that I will never step foot in a Walgreens again!

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I know where your coming from I have only been with the company 2 yrs but in the last 2 mths nearly 7 people have quit due to the mistreatment. I have not quit yet but the emotional stress has caused me physical pain from my fibromyalgia.

I also have a herniated disc in my lower back. I told them my medication prevented me from getting too hot. The next truck day I was 1 of two people unloading a 700+ truck it took us 2 and a half hrs. Never has that happened B4.

I got so sick I had to go home right afterwards. All the store manager said is it was a miscommunication and it was the manager that was helping me her fault.

I have PTSD and seriously can not take this abuse. Someone please help me something has to be done about this.


Walgreens is *** up for sure, the store managers are best freinds w/DM's and loss prevention (the same ppl who will investigate). So when you *** off a store manager 1day that could be the end of your career at Walgreens, regardless of how many years of good consistent service you have put in. The Walgreens system is flawed for sure.


Age discrimination is illegal, yet you made no case here that you were terminated on the basis of age. You have made silly statements, threats and allegations that are not backed up with any evidence.

Describe your job title and duties and what your typical task list was and what you accomplished on any given day. That might tell us what we need to know.


This is what happens when a COMPANY puts Profits OVER people!! The entire structure of this COMPANY is a complete joke.

employees are disposable, customers are disposable to them.

This company sucks!!


They are going to go under for allowing lies and mistreatment of employees whom have been there for years. The founder's would roll over in their grave if they knew what kinda dishonest district managers, community leaders assist managers they have running their store's.

If someone has been working their fir year's, they don'T just all of the sudden become inadequate the min a new manager comes. Jabern


If you really want your stomach to turn educate yourself on "Dead Peasants Insurance". Then you will find out what you really mean to this company.


I've worked for the company when things started going downhill. You get fired for making waves, not for being in the wrong or for poor performance.

I've seen plenty of slackers coast along and plenty of hard working people fired for "making life difficult" - reporting sexual assault, for example.

When you barely pay your employees enough to keep the lights on and feed themselves, it's safe to assume they won't put up much of a legal fight against the corporate lawyers. The title says it all.


There is some reason that you got fired, not just that they had it in for you. If you live in a right to work state, they don't need to have a reason to fire anybody.


Called an "at will" state :)


That's bull in some states, even right to work states! They can terminate just because! You need an attorney!