Saint Charles, Missouri

There's a way to stay well.

There's a way to save money.

There's a way to screw over our employees.

I have been working for Walgreens for over 10 years, seems like every 6 months they add more and more work on their employees. Now cutting hours, even to the point where you don't qualify for any benefits.Seems like mgt always finds something wrong, even when you know your doing an excellent job. Thank god they move them out of the store eventually. Complaints? This is extreme retail. You cannot control everyone. Jobs are hard to find so I won't be adding anymore.

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Phenix City, Alabama, United States #711057

That is why i left. just in time too.

i took the better buy ot. they got rid of the mgts or cut there pay.


I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU'RE COMING FROM! i worked for walgreens for less than a year before i quit.

mgt is rude, and district mgt is worse. i know how hard jobs are to find, but you can continue to work there while searching for something else, which is something i highly recommend!

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