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The Pharmacy Dept of Walgreens of Rahway, NJ are deliberating not applying the Senior Gold Discounts to the senior's prescriptions.They claim for over a year now that there is a clinch in their computer system.

But they still will not manually apply it unless confronted about it.I have given them my discount id card several times of which they said they will add a special notation to apply the discount. But everytime I pick up my prescriptions I have to remind them of it. Just thing of all the seniors that do not realize their discount has not been given.

SHAME on Walgreens for not given the seniors what is due them.I'm quite sure in some way this is to Walgreens advantage.

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Walgreens is cutting hours/ cutting work force. They are in bad shape and this is just anther way for them to KEEP MORE money that the CUSTOMERS SHOULD have is a conspiracy MAYBE!! A year of 20,000 seniors discounts is BONUS FOR THE CEO


A pharmacy's utmost responsibility is to fill prescriptions in a safe correct manner.The last thing they are worrying about is you *** golden discount.

Priorities? Anyone?

And yes you are right it is all some grand conspiracy that makes Walgreen's millions to not apply your discount....really?Do you hear yourself?...How rediculous you sound?

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