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I am a long time employee of Walgreens and am leaving the company because of the *** way that they have been treating me. I have seniority over a lot of people at my store, and as hours were cut, my hours were cut the most!

One girl who hasn't been there that long was given extra hours before me, and I have student loans to pay off! The other girl lives at home with her parents and is not in school, so it's not like she needs the money.

I am fed up with the way that my managers are treating me, so I'm leaving. I got a job at a different retailer instead.

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I agree my hours are been cut but yet they hire three more people and we have five sfl's that combined don't make one they never help out always in the office on their phones.been working for five years and it's gotten worse all these *** branded salutations is *** pay us more!!


The people who currently mismanage Walgreen's on the corporate level have spent the last six years making the absolute worst possible decisions on the future of the company. The pre-Barack Obama Walgreen's DOES NOT EXIST.

This company is run by Democratic Senator *** Durbin. There is now only 25% of the merchandise selection in a Walgreen's store than there was six years ago. The tenured employees.... DO NOT GET ANNUAL PAY INCREASES.

There is nothing more for the thousands and thousands of tenured employees that make up the heart and soul of Walgreen's. Nothing for them. This company put in place a "pay cap" that the tenured employees reached years ago. The place is now staffed by people with ADD and OCD, because "they need jobs too." Good hiring logic right?

Simply put, this company has been destroyed by unbelievably bad business decisions. They intend to siphon their annual profits out of the pockets of the people that work at Walgreen's. Have a complaint about it? There's the door......

They will purchase an entire chain of stores in the U.K., however they will not give pay raises to their tenured employees. The most unbelievable bunch of lying phonies in retail.

The people making decisions at the corporate level have never set foot in a retail store. If I have to work there until I am two hundred years old, I will see them close down the entire worthless chain of stores.


Wow, you guys either got bad managers or do poor work. I haven't been at my store for 3 months yet and i'm working 40 hours a week while everyone else is 30 and below.

I'm an associate working mostly the floor and a little photo, i'm also a designated closer because i face well and count fast. Right now i'm at 10/hr, but expecting a raise in a couple weeks.

I'd try transferring before quitting, good chance it's the manager. If it doesn't get better, good chance it's you(my store has employees who think they're good, but aren't).


I have to say I've been working at Walgreens for over a year in New York City. They've been very good to me and others that have worked at our flagship store.

We have an awesome store manager. I'm sorry for the others on here who have not experienced the same thing.

No one should be treated like that. :sigh


This is the EXACT reason why I just left Walgreens. They hired me in March as a photo specialist.

After about 3 weeks my hours started to decline week after week. A new girl got hired in and works in both cosmetics and photo. She started getting more hours than me. 2 days in photo, 2 in cosmetics.

You mean to tell me you couldn't take one of her photo days and give it to me, who only had 2 days in photo? This new girl is only 18, and is still going to school so she doesn't need the money that badly. I'm 29 and have child support to pay for 2 kids! My hours were cut to 13 for the last 2 weeks, then when I went to get my schedule that just started this past Wednesday, it was down to 10.5.

Out of all the regular employees at the store, I had the least amount of hours.

Thankfully I just got hired at WalMart, so I quit my job at Walgreens 3 minutes before I was supposed to show up for my shift. *** them!


You have my sympathy friend, but it seems u went from the frying pan (Walgreens) directly to the FIRE (Walmart).

In this economy it is a blessing to have ANY JOB. But at 29, u don't want to be stuck in least if you not on the managment side (which isn't too pretty TRUST ME, I been there).

Have u thought about going back to school to get a degree or a certificate. Retail will *** u around everytime. U do NOT want to be stuck in a retail career. ***, u can even drive a TRUCK and make 40K a year starting salary.

Better than 8 bucks an hour or so at retail. Good luck and keep taking care of those kids :)


That's horrible that most of you people tell this person she sucks as an employee!!!! I totally agree with her. I know personally what Walgreens managers do for their "favorite pets". You wouldn't believe the *** our "pets" get a way with under our manager!

I feel your pain honey! I plan on looking for a new job after todays review!! I got a 3.5 out of 5 points.... Total I was the Best employee in the store! HA.. Cheap *** manager and corporate trying to lower the field to give as a 10 cent raise. I do the job of 2 people... The young *** out of high school walk around all day and text on their cell phones and facebook... I don't have to be total everyday what to do I do it before it needs done... AS for Facebook you can't say *** on it about Walgreens or you'll get fired!!

Next week its time to start looking. 5 years down the drain.

And leave above person alone. We can't complain any where else and you shouldn't be judging her over what she says! YOU GO GIRL!!


As a cashier, its hard to please management. for example, a customer brings items to the register, then leaves to get one more item.

Meantime the manager comes over and tells me that I should face the isles when I am not helping a customer, The customer took all of thirty seconds to grab a loaf of rye bread. Am I supposed to leave the register for those thirty seconds ?

The manager did not want to hear my excuses, but the customer heard the conversation and she was really annoyed . :?

Honest Scoop

I have worked for a manager that practiced cutting back employees' hours more and more because the manager wanted the employee(s) to leave without having to "fire" them. You are better off not being around that atmosphere anymore.

I try to think of events like this as a blessing in disguise; something better will happen for you because you placed a limit on how much abuse you would tolerate, and you empowered yourself to move on instead of just complaining...Many people can't find the courage to do what you have done and they will allow themselves to be abused more and more for a very long time.

Don't get yourself riled up about negative and non-constructive comments, let them roll-off your back like you never read them -- they don't know you and your situation, and some people simply entertain themselves by upsetting others, so don't let your emotions get affected. Good luck with your new job.


The other girl? Since when did they start hiring children.

You mean the other lady. Also most likely she gets more hours than you is because she is a harder worker. You are the one acting like a little girl and complaining. Everyone thinks that they are the "hardest working employee".

Just because you think you are the hardest working employee does not make it true. Your co workers and managers obviously think differently and you think very highly of yourself.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

How do you know the other 'girl' is a lady or that she's a harder worker than this person? Who are you to tell this person they think very highly of themselves when you don't even know them?

Has it occurred to you that maybe they might be telling the truth? Are you just assuming?

And if you want to talk about thinking highly of yourself, you call yourself Jedi Knight so I wouldn't be calling that kettle black if I were you. Oh and yes, they do hire people you could call girls who aren't even old enough to ring up beer!


How do you know she is not lying, I bet 90 percent of the stories here are not 100 percent accurate.


Oh I know the feeling. I bust my butt at work every single day and have been working toward getting into the pharmacy as a tech. I was promised several times that I would get the next position back there. I was lied to not once, not twice but THREE times about getting the next position. Instead of putting me back there, they hired someone who never stepped foot back there before. Several people I worked with approached me and were in complete shock I didn't get the position.

Walgreens is one of the worst companies to work for. With budget cuts and job title cuts they are now pushing assistant manager jobs on other employees without a pay raise. My raise this year.. $8 to $8.24. Kiss my *** Walgreens. I refuse to do your assistant manager and STL work while doing my "beauty adviser" job which you give me no time to get finished since you're loading me with everyone elses job to do at a measly $8.24 an hour.

Don't even get me started on your horrible health insurance. I pay more now to go to the doctor than I did before I had health insurance. I cannot wait to get away from this company. But then again.. maybe it isn't the company, maybe it is my store manager that sucks so bad?


*** people why do you assume that she was a bad employee?? I have seen it many times were the worst employee on the job got the best from managers because they were also the biggest brown nosers too!

So ppl dont assume she was/is a poor employee.

cause you know when u make assumptions, you make an *** outta u and umption. :zzz


i do agree 100 %


I can tell you can't be any older than I am,and I'm blown away by this post.Let me break it down for you:If you were hard working, and they have favorites...only thing I can think is maybe its your attitude..I mean here you are whining on pissed consumer and this has nothing to do with being a consumer.You should have done the.logical thing and brought it up to loss prevention or talked to your DM if you felt wronged...other than that,do what every other person our age does and save the whining for Facebook.


maybe you are complacent and a bit lazy, i've seen that over and over, new employee comes in and kicks butt, similar to sports....a rookie can come in and make a differece, it's about performance on a daily basis.


Gee. Is that why people join unions, so that they can enforce labor agreements that provide for seniority rights and prohibit favoratism?...


I did not suck as an employee! I was one of the hardest workers in the store! The managers just happen to have their favorites and treat them better!


u probably sucked as an employee sorry