Standish, Michigan

every time walgreens has sales and i go even on the first day, they are always out of stuff , they also try ripping you off at the register when it rings up wrong, it never fails i always have to get out the ad and show them , also they never want to help you find naything , and they stick there stuff in the weirdest places it is to much work to go to there sales i would rather shop at dollar general, dollar general has good deals , great customer service, and usually what i need, i love dollar generaL, it is great

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It's true, we rely on our truck. I work at the counter all night, we employees are just as frustrated at our shipment schedules as you all are.

It's very tiring to write 500 rain checks, and argue w/u people about the quantity.

Just please do not yell at the cashier, we are not in charge of ordering, shipping, receiving, none of that. Just ringing you up and getting you happily out the door.


They also practice "bait and switch."

A recent ad had Brita filters on sale, but they haven't had Brita filters in stock for over 2 months now. However, they have plenty of the Walgreens brand of water filters.


Walgreens depends on their "truck day" to bring in the majority of sale items on sale for that week. Not the best way to do things, but either can get a rain check for the sale item and rain checks don't expire.

So you can hold on to that until they FINALLY get the sale item in.

As far as them not wanting to help you and having things in the "wierdest" places...not sure where you're pulling that from. You just need to find the right people to ask ;)


the issue is their shipping schedule...they have one midweek truck come in, and of course that's 3 days after the sale starts...the best time to shop a walgreens ad is midweek when they're restocking


I soooo agree with you. Every time I go there, I walk in knowing Im not going to get all I want.

They never have sale items even if you go there early the morning the sale starts. I even had an issue with them because the store I go to doesnt allow you to see whats ringing up.

The bar that shows what your paying is in the cashiers view and not yours. Now how *** is THAT.