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I went to Walgreens yesterday to buy office supplies, and lost my keys. After numerous and thorough searches of the store and my purse and bags, I couldn't locate my keys. After over an hour of searching with help of employees, I finally had to call a locksmith and was charged 169.00 to open my car to check for my keys. They were not in it, the locksmith informed me to have the manager check the security film to see what I had done. The manager did not see anything to help me. The locksmith told me a common thing would be for whom ever had my keys would wait till I left and then take my car to sell. I informed him that I would make a police report so if my car came up missing, the store employees might be responsible. I went back in the store to wait for my daughter to come help me. I went to the counter were I checked out and something told me to look all around there even if I had to go behind the counter. The hole in the top where the scanner cord goes through, there is not a cover and my keys had fallen into it and under the counter, out of sight. I am extremely upset at having to spend money I did not have through no fault of mine, and am seeking compensation, due to Walgreens not having a cover or at least tape over the hole in the desk. If I had not found them by looking into that small dark hole, a replacement key would have cost me close to 500.00 on top of what I paid to have my car opened. No one has that kind of money available to throw away because of negligence in one of your stores. I have my receipts for the locksmith services I used, I will be anxiously waiting for a reply. Sheree Elliott

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Hahah, right? How is it their negligence if you left your keys on the counter.

It's nobody's responsibility but your own.

Don't want them to get lost or taken? Keep them on you like an adult for christ's sake.


$500 for a replacement key? I have a hard time believing that.

Your keys were lost due to your own negligence, not through any fault of the store or the employees. In fact, if anything, you owe them money for the time they wasted helping you look for your keys that YOU had dropped down a hole. Also, you made the decision to call the lock smith you were charged for.

Maybe you could have called a relative to bring a spare (or a coat hanger) instead. Seems like you would have known you had your keys on the counter and would have thoroughly checked there in the first place.


So the cashier took your keys and threw them in that hole? You sure fooled them, but next time keep them in your pocket that's what I do!

They think they're slick, geez what a bunch of morons trying to steal your car. They need to investigate them. Did the police make a report for you? Did he arrest the cashier?

That would have been messed up if you were the one that lost them, but clearly they were stolen. This is their problem and they need to fix it. It's not your responsibility to try and protect your keys from thieves, it is theirs!!! That is their place of business and their workers need to be held accountable for your keys!!

Sue, sue, sue.

I'm sure a lawyer would love to get ahold of this case. Easy $!!!!!!!!!!!!

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