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Went to a Walgreens pharmacy and the pharmacist refused to fill my pain med prescription because "She" didn't "Know" the Dr.Said she was "uncomfortable" filling my prescription.

She couldn't and wouldn't tell me why she was uncomfortable. Maybe because I had my baseball hat on and hadn't shaved that day. My day off. I've been profiled and discriminated against that's for sure.

I hope enough people call their congressman/woman and change these absurd laws that let the pharmacist play god.

I have a legitimate condition that requires pain medication and this is what allows me to work and not collect disability from the government.

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Call 1-800-WALGREENS - 1-800-925-4733 and report the incident. If you have a legitimate prescription and a pharmacy refuses to fill the prescription for whatever reason, they are depriving you of your medical needs. Sounds like Walgreens is hiring ignorant inbred hags like LadyScot.


Yeah get all their names. Maybe if they all lose their licenses we can start dispenses our own medicine and not have to go through them.


Start taking the names of these pharmacist who are doing this, and turn them in for the unauthorized and illegal practice of medicine. Enough if them lose their licenses or get fined or, they will stop trust me...

Tampa, Florida, United States #647032

Yeah, that location is the worst........

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