San Antonio, Texas
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This is the worst Walgreen's in the world. The pharmacy manager and the other Pharmacists lie about dates your prescriptions were filled and they think that they are safe from being fired.

They also will lie to other pharmacies that you have your prescriptions transferred to. I think that is a breach of confidentially. This store should be closed down and replaced with a CVS. Yes I said CVS, at least the customer service was much better then it is at Walgreen's.

On top of all that I had to ask for the Corporate number 22 times yes 22 times. That is so sad, unprofessional and unethical.

This store is not worth the money that you spend in it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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When I was working for Walgreens I was told to give the number 1-800-WALGREENS to customers that wanted to speak with corporate. Mind you I've never contacted that number before but I assume it is all automated.


Yes, they do lie about prescription dates, have dealt with that numerous times. Also have had them alter prescriptions, especially on narcotics.

If there are 2 refills they try to get away with one refill. Make copies of every prescription before filling it. They also substitute what they think is best for you, not what the doctor ordered. Fine to substitute but I really think they should get the prescribing doctors permission first.

They tried to substitute a heart medication after my husband had a heart attack without the cardiologists permission and thank goodness I called the cardiologist as the substitute Walgreens said was fine was indeed going to counteract adversely with all the other medications he was taking. They don't care about us, they just care about the mighty dollar.