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Unfortunately this was not my bad first experience with Walgreens nor do I doubt it will be my last.

Walgreens, if anyone of any importance happens to reads this please take heed here of what you have read. You do have multiple pharmacies that are making prescription mistakes and simply trying to pass these off. I have not had as high as a failure rate on my wifes or my prescriptions with any other pharmacy as I have with Walgreens pharmacies in general.

For the other Walgreens employees that read this as I know you will (I read about pissed off customers for where I worked, it is natural) there will always bee some of you who do care about your job and authentically try to do your job correctly. But I know you have had to notice, that there just seems to be more people just not caring like they used to and just not doing their job the way they really should. What the not so caring employees would call going above and beyond but for gods sakes with what your dealing with this 'above and beyond' is just what you should do as part of your daily job.

This kind of issue can happen in any company. Where the problem really comes back to is what the one employee pointed out. Management. If management in the locations that are having these issues, and there are definitely a good number out there by the sounds of it here, are not doing their job as this infestation of not caring has reached that level. I have seen it myself in more then one Manager's eyes when I have had to deal with them at various locations for Walgreens as I won't take *** service when I receive it, just can't. I gave good customer service when I was working and I expect the same back to me.

If the management level, the ones in the trenches with the employees, can start turning their act around and start working with the employees that just don't seem to care Walgreens can go back to what it was 10 to 15 years ago and be a much more solid company and have a much larger loyal customer base again. We need to feel you care about us and more then just your dang requirement to say "be well" to us after we give you our money for the transaction. That is not how you make the customer 'feel cared for'. You make them feel cared for by your actions, not your words and your actions are messing up big time.

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2012

Over the past few years the overall performance (or at least it has seemed this way for my own personal visits) has been slowly degrading. Both my wife and I had continued to use Walgreens as our pharmacy for years but had stopped back in 2007/2008 just due to one failure after another on Walgreens part, the store at Dobson and Chandler down in Chandler Az. Just recently as we had moved we went back to Walgreens as we thought it would be fine to give them another chance as it has been 4 or more years already, so we switched back to them in July of this year.

What a mistake that was, and we will be switching back to CVS tomorrow to correct that mistake. You may ask what exactly made this a mistake this time around, but there would not be just one event/issue as a reason unfortunately, that is how bad they have been the last 4 months. They have filled prescriptions completely incorrectly, providing the wrong dose on 2 occasions and 1 where they provided a generic when the Dr. had clearly marked the prescription as brand name only. This being due to one being an extended release and no generic having this at that time when they made the mistake. Now these medicates, 1 was a psych drug while the other 2 were seizure medications. By far, these are prescriptions that had we not caught their mistake at the pharmacy could have caused some serious issues for my wife's health (both mental and physical).

The most recent issue tonight was when we found out that yet again, Walgreens had decided to change my wife's medication without her Dr.'s approval, or even having the courtesy to notify us that they did this. The change they did was to provide my wife with pills that were half dose what they should be and then have her take twice as much, taking 6 pills a day for this one medication instead of 3. My wife has intermittent issues swallowing at this time so doubling the number of pills she has to take for just 1 of her medications is not ok. At the very least the pharmacists should have informed us of this change. Even better, they could have advised us that they had the 50MG on back order so we could get the prescription filled elsewhere, even at another Walgreens, but nope, apparently the thought of even telling us about this change did not cross their mind. This was not the last issue for tonight's experience either unfortunately. I was made to wait on the phone (sitting on the counter so I could hear everything that was going on) while the pharmacists helped the 1 customer that they were helping when I called and then continued to help 2 new customers that had pulled up to the drive through window while I was waiting. I had to wait for 12 minutes and then while still waiting on my wife's phone I called the front of the store on my own cell phone and had to ask the front clerk to go back and ask the pharmacists to pick up the phone again, and guess what, the pharmacists did with the other clerk standing there. I could hear him in the background asking the pharmacists if he was going to take care of the customer on the phone, letting him know that I had called into the front to see what was going on and why no one was assisting me, also as a side note the other customers had already left about 1 to 2 minutes before that and I have no idea why he still had not picked up the phone again yet to see what I needed.

After fuming for a few minutes I wanted to go ahead and speak with a supervisor so I could get a note to customer service about the issue and have them contact me tomorrow morning (it was after 11:00PM at night). When I had called, the person at the pharmacy call center instead of being willing to setup a call back for me the only thing she could offer other then transferring me to the pharmacists again (which I clearly told her not to) was transfer me to her supervisor. I asked her to go ahead and do so, guess what she did, yep, she transferred me to the pharmacists I had just called in to complain about and had very clearly told her to not transfer me to. So I ask him to transfer me to the store manager, he puts me on hold for about another 8 to 9 minutes, and then hangs up on me.

I call back again, finally get some one else that actually was doing their job and got a store manager for me, and come to find out the pharmacists had supposedly not even told her there was a call waiting for a supervisor originally. Apparently he had just put me on hold and then when he realized I was not going to hang up after a few minutes he just dropped the call instead, really?

What in the *** is going on with Walgreens? Are they really to the point that they are now employing people to work with their customers medication that can not even handle simple questions or even get another person on the phone if asked (such as a supervisor)? There has been 1 mistake after another at the Walgreens at Southern and McClintock in Tempe Arizona. I personally would not recommend any person use their pharmacy. If you have any parents or other family members that have some issues double checking their medications you would likely want to get them to use a different pharmacy as well. Unfortunately it seems that this poor service from Walgreens was not a fluke years ago and seems to have spread to more then one store. They just are not any good anymore for your local pharmacy needs.

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I work at 9285, the store on pico and Fairfax, our store manager is an incompetent boss. He doesn't know what he is doing, he has his favorites and he let's them get away with anything. We need someone who knows what he's doing or they will close this store!


Yeah, overall they really have gone down hill. I have yet to get a return phone call concerning my compliant, not even a return email for goodness sakes at this point. I am a little shocked that not a single call attempt has been made from any upper management to me concerning this.


POOR MANAGEMENT all around at this company!!

@poor management

I work for Walgreens and have for 7 years. To the Walgreens employee who is obviously unhappy in their job, please find a new one, you're giving everyone who likes their jobs with Walgreens a bad name.

To Sabevissia, I apologize on behalf of Walgreens for the poor service that you were given. Sometimes our pharmacies are extremely busy late at night, and it sounds like you were at a store that was very much busier than normal for that time of night.