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I got a generic drug RX for Terbinafine 250mg tablets. Dr told me it should cost between $10 to $15 without insurance for 90 tablets.

I went to the Walgreens on my way to work. First time I didn't have my drug card with me, the pharmacist give me a price of $194. They then told me I should use my insurance. In the evening after I talk with my wife about it.

Actually she got the same drug a month ago at HEB and it cost in total $15 for 90 tablets. So, I was about to go to Walgreens to get my RX and to get it filled at HEB. However, when I got there and explain my intention, another pharmacist told me the drug is already done. He told me it should not cost so much with insurance.

After he ran through my insurance, he told me it's only $10. So, I was happy. However, he didn't tell me that he only give me 30 tablets and I need to run two refills with $10 each time. So, it would cost me $30 in total, exactly the double of HEB cost.

I called them if I could return the drug and they told me no. Never shop at Walgreens anymore!

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I am not lazy I will gladly walk into Walmart or any other pharmacy for that matter. After finding out that Walgreens is charging me double my normal insurance Copay for some of my prescriptions.

I checked this through my insurance who told me what I should be paying.Now a few $'s more maybe I could understand but double come on this is flat out fraud. I highly recommend you check what you should be paying against what you are being charged it's a little shocking


Hoo boy so this is where all the *** go to complain after they didnt get their free gift car


Doctors do not work at pharmacies. They do not know how much an rx will cost.

If you paid attention you would have known how many pills you got and you should have known if your insurance would allow you to fill 90 days at a time.

Wal-mart in all towns are NOT open the same hours as Walgreens. And if you don't like Walgreens I do not want to see you in my drive- thru(which wal-mart does not have) at midnight(when all other pharmacies for 100 miles is closed) needing a refill for your Viagra!!!


Your insurance only pays for 30 days at a time. Your doctor has NO CLUE what prescriptions cost.

You should have gone to a store with a $4/$10 list and you could have got all 90 pills without insurance for $10. No pharmacy is at fault for any of your complaints.

P.S. since January 1 2010 Walmart pharmacies are open on holidays, except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Shortened hours but still way more than enough. Also open on weekends.


Why wouldn't Dr's know how much prescriptions cost? They meet with pharmaceutical sales reps all the time.

These reps attempt to persuade the doctor to push their drugs to their patients. They read trade publications.

They go to trade shows and symposiums and golf junkets sponsored by drug companies. Patient cost is every bit as relevant as effects and side effects to the vast majority of patients.


Sorry to burst your bubble. What they are doing is wrong!

Doctors can find out what perscriptions cost and generally know where to send you per insurance. Walmarts is doing it to me on a 30 day perscription.

And there's many stores open over weekends and holidays.


Fine go to walmart/sam's club. Don't come to me when they are closed on weekends and holidays.


I have tried to get prescriptions filled at Walgreens but have found them to cost as much as 3 times what Sam's Club or Walmart charged for the same prescription.

DON"T GO TO WALGREENS unless you want to get ripped off. :( :( javascript:ac_smilie(':(')