Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Walgreens has a policy in which they charge more for generic drugs in certain areas than others. I happen to live in an area where they charge $11.99 for a generic prescription.

On the other side of town, they charge $9.99. What a ripoff!

Today, my son's dentist prescribed 1 pill for him to take prior to dental surgery. It was a generic tranquilizer.

Walgreen's charged us $11.99 for this one pill, despite the fact that the company who makes the pill charges less than 1/3 that price, retail. Walgreen's is ripping off its customers, and I will not darken their door ever again.

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Learn to spell, "Heh". It's "pity".

I'm always nice to people at stores; they are only trying to do their jobs. I am legally blind, so perhaps they thought they could slip one by me without my noticing.


I've had problems with Walgreens charging significantly more for prescriptions than other pharmacies. I just stopped going there.


$11.99 is the base price for filling scripts without ins. it covers the cost of man power.....$9.99 is the price of filling any generic script with the Walgreens discount card...the two places were just quoting you different prices. If you are nice to the employees they have a way to make it cheaper for you because we also agree charging you $11.99 for one pill that may cost 50cents is a rip-off


It costs time and money to fill any prescription. Even one for one tablet.

The pill bottle, label, lid and bag all cost money.

The pharmacists time and the technicians time. I can understand the frustration over the cost, but when you buy a prescription, you are paying for a lot more than just the medication.


Prices are based on location and the economy of the location. But I bet you already knew that. If you don't like the prices then shop somewhere else genius!


The prices are based on area. Rent in one location costs more than another. So they should just charge everyone the higher price to keep people from whinning about price.


Every area is different all depending on the economy of this town or the other, its the same reason not all sales flyers are the same and also why its more expensive to buy toothpaste in one area than another.


If only you had a Prescription Savings Club card, you probably would have ended up paying half the price for a generic. I bet you were acting too high and mighty to pay any attention. I pitty you.