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Worst customer service and employees in one place in all my 57 years. In extensive line chk out.

Wrote chk for mere 26$ was told loudly by teen punk cashier my check not good. Asked to re run- no- call mgr- no- said put things back. Paid cr crd. He voided my check and NEVER RETURNED TO ME- nect day spoke asst mgr.

gave bank read out proving2,000$ + in acct. never a call or apoogy. Same store got 259.00$ presc for my cats asthma med that was defective cannister- told me to take it up with mfgr!! Not their prob!!!

Also got a generic script that did not work prior ( diff feom past ref) before accepted asked for one of OTHER MANY GENERIC of this med that recieved prior- again NO AND PHARM TECH HAD TO BE A ZOMBIE- not nice barely understandable AND RUDE!! All in one BACK WOODS RED NECK LOW LIFE STORE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Who wrote this a 5 year old?

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