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Walgreens has always been my pharmacy for the past ten years, and all of a sudden today I go to pick up my prescription and I'm told I need to wait one more day before I can get it. The pharmacist asks if I was completely out and says that I shouldn't be out.

The weird thing is, I never said I was completely out, I'm just picking up a refill that I would like to get today on my day off, why is this a big deal, this has never been an issue before and my insurance will cover it to be picked up today, or even about a week earlier, before I actually run out. Then the pharmacist says that my doctor would need to authorize that, and so I call my doctor's office and they know nothing of this and said, by us sending your prescription in to them is the doctor authorizing it. So, why did the pharmacist just lie to me? why are they telling me things that aren't even the truth, this seems strange to me and then the pharmacists says, well its our policy here at Walgreens.

That's interesting, maybe you should inform people of this ahead of time so they aren't expecting to get their prescription and wait in line several hours to find out they need to come back the very next day, why the run around, not to mention just makes my life that much more stressful for no reason other than to be difficult or because he assumes I'm abusing drugs because I take medication for a mental illness. Maybe you shouldn't treat someone like a criminal and assume something that is judgemental based on the prescription they are filling. Seems that this pharmacist has a very narrow mind, and obviously has never had to deal with mental illness himself, but possibly could someday and then I hope Karma will teach him a very important lesson that he needs to figure out. He has no right to make me feel like i'm doing something wrong or expecting something out of the ordinary when I've always been able to pick up my prescription a week early.

The pharmacist made me feel like a criminal and I don't deserve that kind of treatment. This pharmacy needs to have consistent set of rules, this is not acceptable! Its not right and serves no purpose other than making someone feel really awful, no one should have to be treated that way!

Everyone is trying to end the stigma against mental illness but this person is a healthcare professional who just discriminated against me and assumes I'm abusing the medications that I use to be well. That makes no sense and is very unacceptable behavior that shouldn't be tolerated!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: How you treat people can be life changing, it shouldn't be tolerated for healthcare professionals to belittle others based on their illness or medication they take, everyone deserves the very same kindness and respect! .

Walgreens Cons: Communication, Service, Your whole rx hidden policy.

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From LILYLYRIC: I know exactly where your coming from. The pharmacists do discriminate from the type of med.

to the way you look an even the time you come in. I posted my experience about FRYS PHARMACY -on Combs Queen Creek Az. My rx is approved by Dr, an my Ins. and its been over 30 days an it's not cov'd so I pay cash.

They say I should still have some, well it's been over 30days and it was stolen during that time but i didnt ask for any early fills just the current filll. They have heard from Dr its ok, an he Dr told me he called an said it was ok, but the pharmacy said they hadnt heard, so I'm lied to an the pharmacists pass me over to each other. Meanwhile I'm waiting an checking for over 3hrs. Then finally told again for the 3rd day an mult.

x's its to soon. I have called my Ins. an my Dr multiple times trying to get it. You cant just stop taking any med.

it causes withdrawls, heart palpations, anxiety an if your at risk for stroke or heart attack well this just increases the risk. But they dont give a *** an to boot your treated likea criminal or addict an interogated like sitting a dark room with a spotlight on you with the FBI. If I had the means I'd have my own pharmacy an call it A Pharmacy by the People for the Peolple. You would be treated with kindness an respect an get your rx without the 3rd degree an 3days early no questions asked.

By "hippa" law your med.

history is confidential an should never be asked for period . where's our rights to a quality life?