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I recently moved from Orlando Florida to Riverview Florida. My doctors are still in Orlando.

I saw one of my Doctors on Thursday October 9th and refilled my pain medicine and drove home to Riverview. I stopped by the Walgreens on the corner of HWY 301 and Gibsonton road (Which is where I had all my prescriptions transferred since moving from Orlando) and dropped off my prescription. I asked if it was ok to wait for the Rx she proceeded to tell me 45 minutes, to which I replied no problem I have a couple of errands to run. I get a call from Walgreens about 20 minutes later and it was the pharmacist.

She proceeded to tell me that she would not fill my Hydrocodone prescription because the doctor was not local. I went back to the store to speak with the pharmacist. She proceeded to ask me why I have an "out of town doctor" when I live in Riverview. I said real simple I like my doctor.

So I proceeded to ask her who she thought she was and what difference does it make why my doctor is not local his name is on every prescription that I have on file @ Walgreens. I asked her to reconsider and she refused to fill my prescription. I spoke with a manager and he was absolutely worthless and not helpful @ all. I understand why pharmacist, doctors and healthcare pros are suspicious with all the addiction/abuse problems, but seriously I have no criminal record never been in trouble in my life.

I feel insulted that the pharmacist identified me as someone that fit the mold of drug seeking behavior.

I am a 25 year college educated IT professional. I feel like I did something wrong by trying to fill a prescription that I have filled @ that location 4 or 5 times since I moved to Riverview.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I am a licensed healthcare provider and have had multiple interactions with this pharmacy and are reporting them for suspicious unlawful activiity. I will be reporting them to the DEA.


Here is the GOOD Faith policy checklist from Walgreens and I met every requirement to get my script filled. Walgreens Sucks.

Here is a complaint phone # 847-315-2704 complaints, this is a corporate #.



Pharmacists go to school for 6 or more and earn a doctorate . They are highly educated professionals who have a license to practice .

Just how your physician can choose whether or not they wish to prescribe you hydrocodone, the pharmacist can choose whether or not they wish to fill that medication for youn. It is their choice . Responsibility for that prescription rests 50/50 between the pharmacist and the doctor . Meaning , if you overdose/get into an accident/sell it to someone and they overdose/misuse it in any way and someone decides to sue, the pharmacist and the doctor will be at fault .

Your profession, attitude , life story or anything else you tell the pharmacist has no bearing with whether they fill comfortable filling that prescription . Be respectful of their decision and go to the next pharmacy 2 minutes down the road.


You obviously know nothing of liability and tort feasors. Pharmacists who refuse to fill a prescription they "feel" is suspicious without at least calling the doctor who wrote the prescription are nothing short of lazy and UNETHICAL.

They are not the doctor who treats the patient and they know nothing of their condition or injury. By refusing to abide by the doctor's prescription and recommendation which leads to other complications, including pain and suffering, they would then be fully responsible and should be accountable.


As a follow up to my reply and after making calls and some research, what I discovered is that the big pharmacies are lying to their customers about having the medicine in stock and refusing to fill the prescriptions. You can't make them fill the prescription, and neither can your doctor.

They are doing this in retaliation for sanctions and fines levied for failing audits PRIOR to the enactment of the new law, which, in part, led to the new law. They like to blame "pill mills" when they filled the prescriptions without any discrimination. They make legitimate patients feel like criminals when they were the ones who failed the audits. Recommendation that works - go to your regular pharmacy and ask them to print out your history.

It should include the last 18 months worth of information which provides the name of the medication, date sold, method of payment (cash or insurance co-pay), prescriber's name, and location.

Take the history with your prescription to an independent pharmacy and let them fill it. If you ask that independent pharmacist, they will confirm that the big guys are not telling you the full story.


actually, your life story should matter if part of that story is pain. And ha!!

Go to the pharmacy down the road?

After you deny a prescription and put me I. Your registry so that now the next pharmacist can say I'm "pharmacy hopping"?

You just can't win.


The really sad part of this is that the pharmacist knows where the good doctors are nearest the largest medical centers they have credentials at the biggest hospitals in the areas and that is exactly who the pharmacist would go to if he had an issue. Out of town prescriptions are the norm for CANCER PATIENTS, such as pancreatic cancer, lymphomas ect.

most local hospitals can not even pretend to treat these kinds of patients and pharmacist know this. find a good local pharmacy that doesn't look at everyone as a CRIMINAL!!


A simple phone call to a doctor that might be a "pill mill". All the hydrocodone prescriptions filled in Florida are the reason why the law has changed in all the states.


Lol don't talk to a manager the pharmacist always calls the shots lol...they can and will refuse to do so if they feel you are an addict or it's suppicious. It is Walgreens policy and also the law, they will not lose their license they earned for 6 years for someone like you. -wag employee


I know people who travel out of state to see a preferred doctor. I have done it myself.

But you don't owe that pharmacist any explanation. It is none of her business. Her job is to accurately fill prescriptions and answer any medication-related questions. If she is in doubt of any prescription presented to her, she has but to call the doctor's office.

She sounds like a tool. I would transfer my scripts elsewhere. I don't agree with the previous poster as to having them filled in Orlando, because if it is a refill, who wants to drive a distance to a pharmacy when there are others nearby.

Perhaps your doctor's office could phone her and say "look, this is our patient, why are you hassling her over a script we have given her"? To use the excuse because the doctor is not local is utter BS and is insulting to a person's intelligence .


And you have every right to see the doctor you prefer, however the pharmacists have every right to refuse to fill a prescription they feel is fraudulent. (Note: I am NOT saying it is fraudulent, just that they may feel it is). So I would suggest next time you see your doctor in Orlando to have any prescriptions they give you filled in Orlando to avoid this problem.


A simple phone call to the doctor would have resolved the issue.