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Pharmacist Chris K. in Holiday Manor Shopping center Louisville, KY was a complete *** on my last visit to refill a prescription.

I have gone to this same Walgreens for over 5 years and refilled the same prescription at this location for over 2 years. Short version I was told I couldn't pick up refill until next day at noon DEA doesn't like when they refill 30 day prescriptions early but they only do it as a customer convenience. When I pulled up phone and counted out days on the calendar, his response was he was right, I was wrong and he "didn't have time to explain why he was right to me". He went on to say "that the DEA rules were in place to prevent drug abuse".

Thanks for letting me know I am a drug abuser who is too dumb to count days on a calendar. I asked for prescription back and I will not return to that location and deal with Chris K again

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Unfortunately I don't believer my long comment posted, it rolled me over to the regular Walgreen so that they could telephone me. Basically it was a big DITTO plus+++++ more on every comment.

I have finally after a long nightmare gotten all mine transferred. I don't really know how to check to see if any one wants to comment or ask what I wrote, as normally I don't read reviews, but these I did, I thought I was the only one.

I will just say Walgreens has a set of their own rules when it comes to filling rx's no matter what. They don't even go by the date when it was filled when you go to pick up a refill.

They will not fill it until it has been 30 days since you last picked it up - they enter the date into the computer, as well as the actual date. So, don't be late picking up, or like me you will end up running out of a very important medicine days early.

Very very dangerous.

I had one not too long ago (brand new hard copy) Walgreens wouldnt fill it based on my last rx and date I picked it up. I simply took it two blocks down and they filled it right away LEGALLY.

There are some grey areas in the DEA and FDA laws, but for a pharmacy to compound that and make it worse is literally killing people and putting them in their graves.

Take care and what can I say, pick somewhere else. If you havent had a problem yet you eventually will.


Question here: if they go by the date you picked it up and make you wait 30 days, then what is the problem? If they gave you a 30 day supply and you wait 30 days there shouldn't be an issue.

I honestly want to know why you say don't be late picking it up???

If you don't have it, you can't take it, so it doesn't matter when you pick it up, you just have to wait 30 days. Seems like you may have taken a bit more than prescribed, which can be understandable, but that means your dr has to increase the instructions to match or you have to go without.