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Horrible experience. I needed a flu shot so I made an appointment for 6:30pm with their online scheduler. I arrived at early at 6:00pm and waited in line for 38 minutes.

Once I was reached the cashier told me that the pharmacists would be the one to do that, so I stepped over to the other line. There was one customer in front of me in this line. We waited another 5 minutes while the pharmacists did not even acknowledge us or tell us she would be with us. When she finally decide to ask what I needed I told her I had a 6:30 for the flu shot. She goes you need to get in he other line. I told I had just got out of that line per the instructions of the other employee. She then goes there is a wait I asked her what was the point of the appointment. She basically calls me a lair and says there are no appointments so I explain that is on their site and I have my confirmation number/email. She then goes well you should have came before 2-4 when there are two pharmacist. I finally ask her how long is the wait and she's like well I have 97 prescriptions to fill in front of you.

I left my job early to make it not only on time but early for the appointment and to respect their time and mine was not. As a nurse I know that it would have taken less than five minutes to administer the vaccine. If the appointments are not going to honored then the scheduler needs to be taken down. Also, it is not your customers problems if the pharmacy is understaffed and the pharmacist having an attitude for no reason is unacceptable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pharmacists at Walgreen's don't fill the prescriptions, the pharmacy techs do. They just check them for accuracy and provide consultations. Not saying you're wrong in what she said, just saying that if she said that, she way lying because the techs do the filling.