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The walgreens pharmacy located on Airline and Parker Rd in Houston Texas have no idea on what they are doing. The line inside the store for pharmacy had at least 20 people.

The drive thru for the pharmacy was ridiculously long also. I was told my babys prescription would be ready around 5pm. I went and got in line at 7 pm. I waited 29 minutes in line just to be told that they werent ready.

I asked to speak to the main pharmacist Jayled or Jyed. She said they were super backed up and she couldnt accept anymore prescriptions and that my babys script would not be filled till late tomorrow maybe. Now why would any pharmacist accept scripts and give times when to pick up meds knowing they could not fill them? Something seriously needs to be done about this pharmacy.

Theres people who are in dire need of their meds. The pharmacists who are there now have no idea on what theyre doing!!

Why hasnt the main manager of Walgreens done something either knowing they see these ridicoulos lines knowing something is wrong with their pharmacy?????? Someone apparently dropped the ball and never bothered to pick it up at this Walgreens!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like you and many other people had the same idea to go pick up their prescriptions at the same time. Try to avoid that by going at an earlier or later time depending on when you dropped off the prescription.

Walgreens is always on high-demand for over 200 prescriptions daily so it's no surprise that if they were backed up they didn't have time to fill it. 5pm - 7pm is always rush hour because that's when most people get off work so just wait an hour or two before trying again.

Or you can just call up to the store and see if it's ready. That's what I do.