Los Angeles, California

I went to a pain management doctor who simply had horrible bedside manner. I called the dr., instructed them I would not be returning, and requested they void the contract I signed for pain management.

A month had passed since I had last recieved any meds, and ironically was in a pretty serious car accident (sustained a cervical sprain, sprained clavicle, chest wall injury, whiplash, and a fractured ankle. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was given a script for pain meds (Vicodin 5mgx20)....nothing compared to what I was initially getting. I went to drop the script off at walgreens (all bruised, in a cast, and on crutches) and the pharmacist say, "I don't feel comfortable filling this prescriton." I asked why, and he simply stated, I just don't feel comfortable." I felt like bringing in all my hospital paperwork, voided contract, and ask again why he didn't feel comfortable. I know Walgreens has some quality of care questionnaire, but I know I would have passed.

It wasn't like I was in a different city trying to fill a script from another city, or a prescription being filled to soon. This was a HOSPITAL prescription. They need to stop acting like dictators and physicians and start doing their jobs. There is a worldwide drug database, so any prescribing doctor is going to know what you have been or are being prescribed!

It's just very frustrating to be treated like that and you haven't done anything wrong. The very least he could have done was explain why he wasn't comfortable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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