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I went to Urgent Care in Midland, MI around dinner time. The doctor did an E.K.G, chest X- ray & wanted lab tests stat.

He was adamant I needed to get on blood pressure medicine immediately & wanted me to go to Walgreens after the lab, as the pharmacy was open until 10 pm. He called to give me my test results & asked if I had gotten the medicine? I said no, I have to wait about 45 minutes & will go back (I first went around 8:30pm or right before to Walgreens). I went to the drive thru at 9:20 pm after getting a text it was ready & was the fourth car in the line up.

I knew I needed this medicine plus the steroid he was prescribing for my lungs, so I waited and waited and waited.....was finally next in line after now waiting another 40 mins in my car. I pulled up & they immediately put a sign up stating there was no pharmacist on duty, etc. They has also shut some lights down. I honked my horn, after waiting to get someone's attention & the girl said, "we are closed".

I said, "maam, I have just waited in your drive thru for 40 mins! 40 mins!" She said the manager says "we are closed" . Now, when I pulled up I even held a 20.00 bill to the window to show I had a pick up & was paying cash! I was so angry I said I would be talking to the manager tomorrow and sped off!

I essentially lost 85 mins waiting around for them & for nothing!!! The medication my doctor was very insistent on me getting immediately---I never got thanks to their rude & insensitive business practices because they wanted to close.

I patiently gave them 85 mins all together & they could not even give me 30 seconds to check out! I am furious and will be transferring my prescriptions to a different pharmacy after they reopen in the morning!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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who waits 40 minutes in drive-thru? get off your lazy butt. walking can help lower blood pressure