Salem, Oregon
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Walgreens pharmacy in West Salem Oregon forgot to transfer a prescription I gave them the previous day. I agreed to come back later that eve to pick it up.

I forgot until a few minutes after 10pm. I rushed to the pharmacy, got there at 10:22, someone was still at the pharmacy. I think a pharmacist. I explained that they had forgotten to get the transfer And that I needed to take this medication 13 hours before my treatment following morning.

Pharmacist refused to help me.

Said the til was already closed. Hard to believe he would not attempt to help when harm act mistake created situation

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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The pharmacy was closed. This isn't the fault of the pharmacist you had all day considering that most are open from 8am to 10pm on weekdays.

You are probably the type of customer that would have complained if he or she had given you the meds and walked up front with you or allowed you to walk up front by your self to pay for them. "I went to Walgreen's after the pharmacy closed and pharmacist was nice to let me get it up front.omfg I could have been robbed." You make me sick

Newark, New Jersey, United States #829901

You have to understand that if it is past the 10 registers are taken out of the pharmacy so there is no possible way they could have rung you up. The best option was to call a 24 h walgreens and pull it for u as long it wasn't a control

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