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I see a lot of definsive complaints on here mostly from those that admit they are pharmacist, thing is walgreens is not just refusing to fill narcotic scripts but refused to refill my epilepsy medication of Lamictol 200mg. that I take three times a day right before Christmas this past year i needed it to be filled ON Christmas when they were going to be closed which was going to make it two days early.

The pharmacist flat out said NO not unless she spoke with my Dr. office my Dr. said to refill my script that i had a refill order on file for, that i could not miss 24hrs. of my medication.

I called to pick it up and again she said that she made a notation of her conversation with my Dr. so if something happened the regular pharmacist would know why. Did i mention this was a floater pharmacist. My Dr.

and I both spoke to her supervisor and she filled it immediately. I honestly do not think she truly knew what class Lamictol is, or for that what it is used for. Right after the first of the year i pulled all of my standing prescriptions from walgreens immediately. and FYI i hate to bring this up and not to sound crass but people that are looking to OD or just get high, a lot of time the actually steel the meds.

from people who truly need them.

Or will purchase them illegally. In all of the upset i winder if the government has taken that aspect into consideration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pharmacists are probably too worried they'll get sued or lose their job over the slightest mistake over the dissatisfaction of one customer. Sorry to sound jaded, but for every one prescription you pull out, a complacent and vegetative convalescent with five prescriptions takes your place.