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After over 10 years filling my scripts at Walgreens I went thru *** to get my hydrocodine filled! Script from same Dr for a severe degenerative conditions- I am permanently disabled and have actually REDUCED my main pain med over the last two years trying to exercise my limbs in an effort to stay out of wheelchair for as long as I can!

The new pharmacist was RUDE AND LOUD AT THE DRIVE THRU! I shop this walgreens regularly and have spent $1k's each year on MANY items- I will not any longer!!!

Made me feel like a drug abuser/dealer after being a loyal customer for over a decade- even a call from pharmacy to Dr ofc still got me a tongue lashing from pharmacist and a promise from her that I would go thru this EVERY MONTH I fill this script- well not me!!! Goodbye Walgreens- take your "Good Faith" policy and abuse another disabled person!!!!'

Review about: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #923807

All the big chain pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS are like that now days. At least in my opinion.

There is always at least one ignorant pharmacy worker who blatantly implies an obviously legitimately disabled and/or elderly person is abusing their medicine. Simply because they're obsessed with protecting their precious DEA licenses.

A relative of mine, in her 60s and suffering from an incurable chronic pain condition, goes through this at LEAST every other month. Sometimes it's a new employee, other times it's a seasoned pharmacist coming up with a ridiculous, verifiable LIE as to why s/he suddenly "can't" fill the prescription despite having filled it themselves for the past 10 months.

Despite the fact the prescription was turned in a week late, not early. They usually get accusatory if you just simply drop it off a week ahead of time. Before they ask what day/time you wish to pick up your medication, they'll say something along the lines of "OH..YOU can't get this filled for another week! It's way too early.

Are you already out of this medicine? You shouldn't be.".

It's hilarious, too, because we discovered missing medication (of the severely dangerous narcotic kind) missing from her order when we returned home from CVS. The medication is contained in a factory-sealed box.

Upon close inspection, I noticed the box had been opened and glued shut in an obviously feeble attempt to pass it off as a mistake caused by the manufacturer. But there was no point in complaining. After having dealt with their know-it-all attitudes and disgusting implications that my severely disabled relative was up to no good, we knew they would deny the possibility that one of their holier than thou pharmacists (or assistants) could be swiping narcotics. And they KNOW that, which is how they get away with it.

We obviously switched pharmacies after that, but the accusatory attitude at these chain pharmacies is pervasive. It's everywhere. I encourage everyone to count their pills/medication, especially those taking narcotics of any kind. It's ironic to think there are addicted junkie Pharmacists making the disabled and elderly feel like they've done something wrong when they haven't.

By the way, for anyone reading this who is prescribed Hydrocodone/Vicodin regularly for pain: The DEA rescheduled Hydrocodone from a CIII to a CII category.

The restrictions have tightened and doctors can no longer give automatic refills for patients. This is extremely troublesome for those with pain and/or disabilities, especially because anyone prescribed Hydrocodone must go & physically pick up a new prescription every 30 days. Doctors cannot even call it in. If the patient has a mobility issue, you can imagine how much more they now have to deal with.

The DEA thinks implementing these new rules will prevent drug addicts from getting their hands on Hydrocodone. That idea is absurb and delusional. When there's a will, there's a way.

Every time they implement new rules like this, the only ones being adversely affected are those with legitimate pain issues. I've seen my older relatives in tears over the hassles they constantly have to go through just to get a simple (and relatively weak on the opioid spectrum) medication to control their pain.

I even once personally witnessed a relative with a terminal illness break down in tears because of the way both the pharmacy and insurance company was treating them when they submitted a refill request ONE day early for the morphine that they absolutely needed to cope. I'm disgusted with it all.

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