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Since I was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic, I have purchased boxes of syringes at Walgreens Pharmacy without a prescription. I get my insulin from my dr.

And do not have a prescription. I was refused tonight without any questions as to why I might need them. I was also told it was against the law for them to sell to me but called another location and was informed it was not a law, rather the pharmacist's discretion.

I am extremely mad that I was lied to and told that this was a law. The pharmacist never came to the window to speak with me or ask me any questions as to why I might need them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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All you have to do is bring in your insulin bottle... Easy as pie! They just want proof


As both a Type 1 diabetic and former injection drug user (sober 3 yrs) I happen to support harm reduction when it comes to syringes. I can tell you that in 2010 the government lifted the ban of the sell of needles for HIV/Hep C health reasons.

In most states you can find needle exchange programs and it's not against the law to sell syringes without a prescription - but rather deemed a sad day when someone cannot get something that could have 'life or death' consequences. I happen to have a small needle exchange program myself.

With that in mind, I highly recommend buying online. is very affordable and everyone, including myself, seems to be happy with the quality of the syringes. Easy - Touch syringes come in color coded coxes based on needle gauge.

You can buy .3 CC, .5 CC, and 1 CC syringes. 27 G - 31 G, 5/16" and 1/2". Most boxes of 100 syringes will run you under $15.

Very good value. Best wishes.


If dr is too keen to give u insulin, why is he not concern about how u are gonna use it without syringes.

Memory Lane

Some pharmacists at Walgreens do not give syringes to anyone without a prescription. Saying "it's the law" saves time because saying "the sale of syringes without a prescription is at the pharmacist's discretion" just invites arguments.

Not difficult to ask the doctor for a prescription for syringes.

My father is diabetic too, and has this issue when a pharmacist who doesn't know him is working. He just has his doctor call in a prescription and everything is fine.


Have dr call. Never heard of drs giving insulin out. Or bring in insulin bottle.Cant give needdles to anyone that asks.