Middleton, Wisconsin

Every time I fill a prescription I have to go to 4 different locations to fill my scrip. Well, maybe that's harsh. It's only been for the last 6 months in a row with 3 different drugs. The best parts about going to Walgreen's is leaving. With the knowledge that someday people will wise up and start going elsewhere I can finally live life without there smarmy pharmacist. I swear I can see them giggling before they come to the window to say "I'm so sorry we don't have that in stock". You'll have to try another store.

I can't wait for the new CVS that's being built on the west side of Madison.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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From the date you posted this I going to guess Aderall was the drug. The government was only dispencing certain amounts to stores because they believe it was being over prescribed...yes there for awhile it was very frustrating to find some strengths of the meds but that had nothing to do with Walgreens.

Wagener, South Carolina, United States #394040

Prescription drugs are a difficult commodity to manage. It is hard to say how much DRUG X you will need this week.

And it is very expensive to keep a lot of drugs on hand.

Order your refills in advance. That's a good way to make sure you don't have to drive all over creation at the last minute because you waited til you were out to re-order.


Not only oxycontin, but oxycontin with a '1' penciled infront of the 20.


Let me guess oxycodin.

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