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I have been using pain medication for three years now and I am consistently having trouble with my Walgreens in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have a legitimate pain mgmt doctor whom writes my scripts and for the last year the pharmacy has given me ***. From calling the doctor to verify the script is legitimate to calling my primary care to verify that I should be taking these meds to accusing me of pharmacy shopping if I don't use their Pharmacy for all my refills.

Recently this is how it goes... on average the person I hand the script to will spend 20 minutes trying to find a reason not to fill my script, the latest excuse is that the refill is too soon, (yeah thats why the doctor wrote me another one huh, for the day I am filling it on) or whatever reason seems to suit them, tell me no they can't fill the script, then I call my pain mgmt doc, he calls the pharmacy and they end up filling it anyway and being extremly cruel to me in the process.

At this point I have had enough and changed Pharmacy's but I wanted to let other people out there know that they are not alone when it comes to the abuse Walgreens dishes out to people on pain meds. I don't understand why Walgreens techs & pharmacists think it is okay to be nasty and belligerent to people just because they are on pain meds? Please don't stay silent, I am writing a letter to corporate and urge you to do the same, this attitude is unacceptable, when you are already in pain this kind of treatment only sets you further back from relief. God Bless

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Before everyone goes all batshit on me, if your doctor calls and authorizes the early release of a controlled substance than that's a different story. We have the okay from the doctor so we won't be held liable if people abuse their meds and end up ODing one day.

I'm not saying anyone here does that, so again don't riot against me. I'm just telling you how it works in a pharmacy. I'm sorry to say we have 600 other scripts to fill.

If we're gonna be fair to everyone, we can't treat one person like they're special and fill their pain meds early. It's not ethical or lawful.


I'm a technician at walgreens and we won't refuse to fill your pain medication for no reason. There are laws and regulations we have to follow or we lose our jobs and end up homeless.

Personally it doesn't matter to me how many pain, anxiety or depression meds you're getting. It's not my job to question that. It is my job, however, to dictate whether it's time to release your med or not. I will do my job because I don't want to lose it and I'm sorry you're angry but if you'd take your medication correctly, you wouldn't run out so early.

It's not like walgreens is against you and wants to keep your meds away from you. It's the responsibility of the pharmacy to get you your script but won't break the law if you're too soon and it's actually commendable that they call to verify scripts.

Every pharmacy has the sworn duty and right to question any prescription, doesn't matter who brings it in. I'm not saying yours are fake but as a tech, I've witnessed many more fake scripts than I'd ever thought I would in the mere 1 year of being a tech.


Dear unknown That violates hippa screaming at you so everyone in earshot can hear what your meds are sue sue sue do not let them get away with this


:( :cry :? :sigh :upset I have had same problems.

On day 30 when time for refill they were reading newspaper and the pharmacist would come 10 feet to talk to me. He likes to yell so all customers can hear what he is saying. He had done that before. They tell me they cannot get any pain med, "try back next week"!!!

"Call your doctor" ( on a Sat.)

I have only used Walgreens for 8 months due to ins. but I will go to another and Pay a co-pay and not be treated like ***. It will not do any good to file complaint to corporate . They will not respond.

I have tried. This is in east TN.


I have experienced the same treatment from wallgreens. I have a chronic disease in which pain meds are necessary to have any type of a productive life. However, I am treated like a criminal. I have been a loyal customer to Walgreens for many years. Unfortunately I will be switching pharmacies too. Aren't they in the business of selling perscribed meds or not?



I'm suprised nobody has taken action against walgreens at this point.


Actually, "every" pharamacy doesnt act like Walgreens. I was in a motorcycle wreck, wasnt my fault, that messed me up pretty bad.

Walgreens said I had to have a diagnosis on the script, so I did. The next time they refused to fill it and the loudly told me why the wouldnt fill them in front of other customers. They can call my doc which is a 25 year practicing spine specialist, but thats not good enough. They arent the ones in pain so why do they care.

And if they make u feel *** or embarass u, they dont care. The DEA can track all they want on me and test me to see if I'm taking them.

Just plain idiots, what happens to the poor people that are in pain??? I guess we hurt!


Yeah.. Doing their job more like hating there jobs and that does not mean they should be taking their day out on you... if you don't like your job QUIT.

What if the tech or pharmacist or some flunky that could not make it to be either is just there to work the cashier, was in our shoe's with cancer or worse if we treated them like that they would not like it I almost feel like telling them that or if it was one of their family members.

It is none of their concern what prescription is written for the doctor has determined that it is fit for the patient; the pharmacy is not the one to determine that. As long as it is dated verified by phone and tracked, there should be no problem, yeah every pharmacy will give you hateful and immature behavior when it comes to any schedule 2 or 3 drug or any. There job is to fill the script, maybe verify by phone. That is it.

Oh yeah by the way, Talk about ignorant. I went into a local TARGET pharmacy here in Thornton, Colorado and they were so incompetent the could not realize that there are 31 days on some of the months of the year, messing with other months that don’t have many days like February for example 28 days. Just for example.

They don't know how to count days on the colander and we are to trust them counting our meds. They told me they don’t count the day you got your last fill, they count the day after when your fill was

lol whatever don't go to TARGET, or King Soopers places were empty lol Wal-Mart stole all of their business. And wal-mart is just as bad as them. Best of luck. :(


this has been happening to me since I retired to Florida. I bring my prescription in early, the pharmacy manager tells me that he can't hold onto it or hold onto my medication, but they might not have it when I need to fill it.

When I come back, they say they haven't had it in weeks, despite the pharmacy manager having told me just days before that they had an adequate supply. I've written the ACLU yesterday, and I'm contacting an attorney tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm forced to go into withdrawal, spend 6 days on 1 days medication, and overnight my prescription to my NY pharmacy (also a walgreens, go figure)for service, and they will mail it back 2day service. I can't afford overnight because they use UPS and it costs almost 100 dollars.

I'm going to try to sue them for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and for Pain and Suffering, since this happened already, I called corporate and it was agreed that I would bring the prescription in a week early so that they could order what was needed. They claim they don't have enough, but when I bring the script in early they always say they have it. I have 8 herniated discs, spinal stenosis, HIV, peripheral neuropathy and migraine headaches.

This pain medicine allows me to live with less pain and get through the day without wishing I were dead. I retired to Florida and bought a house here thinking that I would be able to live in peace but these people are horrible.


Welcome to the 'war on drugs' mentality. Thanks to the cowards and sociopaths of the DEA legitimate pain patients have an incredibly hard time getting their meds.

The DEA has inserted itself into the DR. Patient relationship with tragic results for thousands of people who suffre intractable pain every day. Walgreens pharmacists are notorious for hassling patients over narcotic pain meds.

These are the kind of people who would rather see thousands suffer than one addict deceive a doctor. Its a sick mentality brought about by the ill advises 'war on drugs.'



I had the same problem with Walgreen's and switched pharmacy's and have never had a problem. Go find a new place that won't cause you stress!


They are only doing their jobs. Unfortunately, there are people out there who abuse the system and therefore, they have to be skeptical when it comes to certain medications. Every pharmacy will only do the same thing.