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I have never written a review in all my 24 years, nor have I ever had a real reason to - till now. My husband had all 4 of his wisdom teeth out this morning and needed heavy medication to keep the pain at bay. I stopped by our local Walgreens pharmacy around 11:30am to fill all 4 of his prescriptions. They told me that his medications would not be ready until 3pm. I thought that seemed a bit late, but decided that he would still be numb till then, so that was ok.

Upon arriving back at 3pm to pick up the meds, I was informed that "it will just be another 15 minutes". I sighed, but sat down, knowing that they are the professionals and they know what's going on. I was wrong. To say the very least, I was wrong. Usually when you see 6 (yes 6!) people behind the pharmacy desk you can assume someone knows what's going on, but not in this Walgreens.

I waited for 15 minutes and decided to ask about the status of my prescriptions. Again I was told that it would be another 15-20 minutes and that I should be patient because they were missing staff today. Really?? In all those 6 people, you can't figure out a simple prescription? Dang.

My husband had called me a few times and was in excruciating pain, which caused me to get desperate. I waited a bit more, seeing people come and go at the pharmacy counter. Finally after another 30 minutes of not being called, a new staff member walks onto, what seems to be, the beginning of her shift in the pharmacy. I caught the eye of this 55 (or so) yr. old woman, and she called me right up and asked how she could help me. I told her my predicament and that I had been waiting nearly an hour after my pick-up time. She seemed truly concerned for my husband and I and quickly looked up his information on the computer. She then informed me that the reason why I had been waiting all this time is because someone had put in my pick-up time for 8am the next morning. Holy ***, seriously? Had no one noticed this. What a bunch of jerks. I was a mess with anger. I paid what was due and got the *** outta there. I wanted to hug that older woman who helped and and give "the bird" to the other 6 that called themselves pharmacy reps. I will NEVER give my business to a Walgreens pharmacy again. Especially the one located in San Antonio, off of Tezel road. BOOOO! Get your acts together. Ok, rant officially over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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What grade are you in. better get english teacher. From this post they probably couldnt figure out what wanted or who you are!


Walgreens whom has been filling my medications for 4 years with the same address.Next time I go to pick up my meds, Walgreens had entered an address that does not exist. I asked how they arrived at having this address and stated somebody must of entered it incorrectly, in asking why are they fooling around with my address when I never requested or made any such request the day before they had right address on other medications and they could not explain why overnight an address change.

Walgreens had rude disrespect Pharmacy workers, who lie and make up laws that vary from walgreens to walgreens.

One walgreens said it is a state law , called another no it is dea law, walgreens acts tow hat mood they are in and do not care about their customer or medications. Some of walgreens Pharmacy techs give medical advise as well and refuse to do anything but blow the customer off.


Thank god you dont complain much. Could you have made this any longer.

Somebody made a mistake, and it was fixed. You not happy.

The end. Sorry to inform that this happens everywhere.