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I had a prescription submitted 8 days ago. They called me and said they had to check if my insurance covered it before they could fill it.

I had to file a complaint with walgreens because no one followed up until I got a recorded message telling me to come in and get it. That was several days ago. I got a call today 1-20-2012 regarding this. The pharmacy called and put me on hold.

I got tired of waiting and hung up. I got called back some time later and was told that they have to fill x number of orders per day. That's not my problem. I was told the electronic order system was faulty.

Not my problem. I was told that while she is talking to me that 2 customers were having to wait. I told her fine, help them and hung up. I never got my medications, I was berated and she made out like it was all MY fault.

Then she wanted to know if she should just mail it to me. I asked her if, after all this time she thought I still needed it. She didn't want to answer my question and eventually got the hint. The she went into a sales speech about how I should still be a customer.

I said I'd had enough and hung up. I don't know if she's going to mail it without my asking her for it. If she does, how do I return a prescription??? Also, I don't want to get charged for it.

I've never heard of such baloney from a pharmacy. That walgreen used to have a good pharmacist, now, I don't think I can trust them. I certainly don't want to be put on hold for a medication for over a week while they decide what they feel like doing.

I know my doctor isn't happy with this either. What can I do at this point and how do I prevent this from happening to someone else?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Change your pharmacy to a private one or a CVS. They know what they are doing.

I have run into the same problems with walgreens over and over and again just this week and I am sick of them, reason I am here posting today.

I am going to try and find a private pharmacy, the mom and pop stores are much better. Fc9Lz


I have received the same medication for th epast 8 yrs. with no changes in insurance, same doctor.

wlagreens the first time charged the over th eprice stated that my insurance did not cover it. I received a letter in th email from my insurance that stated that it is covered. Walgreen stated that they would have it reimbursed back. few months passed ( now into 2012 need refill I have 2 left.

now they tell me againg that my insurance does not cover it again. I spoke with the insurance ,whom stated its the wal greens is entering the information. So I go back AND forth with walgreens and still have them call the insurance hot line. they tell me the insurance company told them th give me the lesser amount-- but it would be more expensive.

I told the guy THATS ILLEGAL you cannot change the dosage of what my doctor prescribed. It would be better for me to take the quanity that was given at that price. To this day I have no refill called today ..

now he is telling me a whole new price that what he quoted 10 days ago. this time I called over the phine ,