Dangerous, Incompetent, rude w/ false advertizing

Walgreens “Bought” my regular Pharmacy.

Unfortunately I went to my regular pharmacy to find a note on the door stating they're closed for business and all customers were being cared for by “Walgreens”

I didn’t want to do business with Walgreens. In my state they’re picketed/boycotted for unfair/illegal trade & labor practices (non union workers minimum & scale wages not paid)-so I didn’t want to cross a picket line!

Medically, It's been a NIGHTMARE! If they “agreed” in the purchase contract to “accommodate” the former pharmacies patients; they’ve clearly violated that contract!

They make up the rules as they go along. 1) They “advertise” that you can fill your Rxs at any Walgreens location while vacationing, moving, travelling away from home, or simply at your most convenient location- total BUNK! I live in a rural area, where Doctors who are specialists may come from larger cities once/month to see patients. One month, out of the blue I was told- they wouldn’t fill a MDs Rxs even though they’d done so the month before. Suddenly, they said I had to go to the Walgreens in the city where the doctor was living! In Hawaii- that means flying to another island! They’ve got to be kidding right? No, they weren’t! I ASKED , if a doctor is licensed to practice statewide, why shouldmt the pharmacy fill the Rxs statewide? )(legally, they’re s7upposed to- Walgreens said it was a store and company decision). What are doctors and patients supposed to do, if every7 pharmacy in the USA suddenly decides to make up their “own” rules? How chaotic will that be?

2)They’ve filled Rx’s incorrectly! I went in with an Rx which clearly said “Brand Name only”. This is a heart medication that has a particular mode of delivery the cardiologist thinks is very important for during the high risk sleeping hours. Only after getting home-30 miles and an hour away I realized I was given a generic. When I made another 60mile round trip, it was corrected.

3)I filled a Rx for an antibiotic for a sinus infection. The pharmacy-tech questioned both the Rx and the strength. This is None of his business to question a patient! A Pharm-tech shouldn’t even question a physician outside the realm of verification when appropriate of a prescription (as in controlled items-maybe) NO ONE with a four year degree, or excuse me, two years and apprenticeship has the gall to question an MD? Pardon me? Since when should a patients medical care be in the hands of a kid behind a pharmacy counter? IMO, even a PhD shouldn’t second guess a licensed physicians treatment plan!

4) I filled a Rx for antibiotic for pneumonia infection; again 30 miles home/hour drive.. I open up the package and the pamphlet with the instructions is about ‘rubbing an ointment all over the body after taking a shower!!” The pamphlet stapled to the RX box is for Testosterone transdermal cream! I LOOKED IT UP online and it may have been a dose that is a schedule/controlled dosage! It was the antibiotic for pneumonia inside the box…but completely labeled wrong! I wonder what the “other” patient got?

5) the patient in line ahead of me asked the pharmacist (again probably pharmacist-tech, assistant or student-I don’t think they really have a bona-fide Pharmacist ‘in the store” albeit they’re supposed to legally) for a syringe to flush an part of their mouth with according to an oral surgeon. He clearly said-“It looks like rubber or plastic, with a curved hook at the end”. The answer? He was told they’ve never seen anything like that in the store weren’t sure they carried anything like that, and offered him a “free needled syringe” from the state dispensary program!! These are what were supposed to be given out during the height of the aids epidemic to curb addict needle swapping! The patient was simply asking for an innocent/common “Irrigation” syringes used daily in endo-dental practices worldwide. This ignorant person working for Walgreens is going to have a “Say” in my medical care?

6) saved the best for last! Yep, You guessed it! They’ve actually made equally reckless mistakes on controlled/scheduled medications! I again had them fill a controlled rx with can you guess? YES!! The WroNG medication! I’d already learned my lesson with Walgreens. Even with a “double” count law in place or “automated” counting dispenser. Fortunately I too have been advised by my doctor to stand and physically inspect/check my Rxs at the window PRIOR to leaving. Regardless of who or how many are behind me in line. I don’t care.

All together I’ve witnessed the most egregious violations of pharmacy licensing laws at Walgreens; outrageous violations of privacy laws and even company rules at Walgreens and been flat out told by my doctors “the only pharmacy Id rather NOT do business with is “Walgreens”.

I hope this helps someone that’s almost fallen prey to the corporations phony advertisements and hoopla. It is NOT worth the grief. The expense the repeated trips and aggravation. Not to mention the DANGER! Wrong medications are dangerous. I’m someone who has already had anaphylactic shock allergic response in the past. Thank God it wasn’t to the wrong medication Walgreens dispense…but it is an accident just waiting to happen, given the way they do business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

  • Dangerous Pharmacy
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