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I have dealt with this same Walgreens for several years sue to my insurer paying almost full cost there. During my time using this drugstore I have been given another persons medications three times instead of mine& forced to go all the way back.

I have had my refills disappear from the system four times, and I had someone actually take one if my Rxs it is for a med. Ive taken for over14 yrs. it is controlled med. & requires regulating, doctor okays, and much proof.

Then after all that my refill disappears, pharmacy makes out as if I have somehow tried to obtain extra meds, even though thats an impossibility. I once took my bag of meds home, open it to find the controlled med is not there at all. I tell Walgreens& they call me a liar! I went to my doctor & told them what was done and he actually had to stick up for me& get it replaced.

I told them Im starting to think someone working there is illegally taking my& others meds for themselves. This med has street value& it is not unheard of. Next month I filled meds again& looked into my bag eight in front of them this time. I took the pill bottles out& counted pills right in line& find out My pill count was 8 pills short.

That is no usual error amt. I can understand missing maybe1 or2, but not8. I tell them right there its wrong& they say I probably lost them. HOW??

I didnt leave yet! I told my Dr. Again and they call up Walgreens& tell them someone MUST do a pill count in front of me each time from now on because he trusts me. They fid the count one month, then the 2nd month refused to & said that I can see my pills are fine, now go we have others in line.

Its not my fault youre unable to count!I finally had my Dr. Help me switch places, & will next month. They also made various errors on non controlled meds.also. One month I was given the incorrect inhaler.

One time three of the pills were for someone else, their name on it& wrong med totally.

I do not have a common easy to mix up name, most havent ever heard my last name before, thats not the cause. Incompetence is the issue here, & also in my opinion fraud& theft of controlled substance meds.

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Okay so I work at walgreens as a tech and find this post hard to believe. The pharmacists and managers are ***-bent on good customer service and quality work.

If there was a tech or a pharmacist stealing medication it would not go unnoticed. There are cameras all over the pharmacy and there are daily inventory counts of controlled substances. If numbers are off, the employees are questioned and the missing pills better be accounted for or say good bye to your job and your clean record. A lot of times patients will call us claiming to have been shorted either because a.) they themselves can't count or b.) they want extra pills.

One time a lady counted her sons ADHD pills at the counter (that's totally cool, do what you gotta do) and screamed in my face that she was shorted 5 capsules. I calmly walked to the filling station, grabbed a counting try and started counting them out loud in front of her and shockingly, she was not shorted.

This has happened so often that is offer to count every controlled substance out loud for the patient to avoid problems. It's just ridiculous how often this *** happens.


ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program



Have seen this complaint numerous times. Seems to be a common issue with WALGREENS. Over worked under paid employee make lots of mistakes


I ordered 6 medications online. Two of them were the wrong meds, and one was not tended to at all.

To make matters worse, I contacted them THREE times and the matter is not resolved.

The first was by phone (got bs answers), and the 2 times I submitted emails through their website (since they don't provide customer service email) they haven't even bothered to respond. I'm genuinely shocked that such a large company would be so careless and unprofessional regarding my medications.


report it to https://www.ismp.org/orderforms/reporterrortoismp.asp

Go ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


Go U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program



I pretty much discredited your post from the beginning when you mispelled victim lol.