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I am dealing with a serious back injury and my family doctor changed my medication mid month. My doctor gave me a very small prescription of new pills to try and see if they helped any better. I has appointment following week back with family doctor to go over the new meds. Unrelated to Walgreens, I also had my first spinal injection 2 days prior to this and another scheduled 8 days later to attatck the severe swelling at the problem disc.

So, after receiving 40 pills of new medicine on Friday after DR's visit at walgreens the pharmacist tells me I CAN NOT take any of my other meds while taking this. I say OK. She had a very serious and angry look on her face. I say "Oh, OK" There is an Extended release pain med, a muscle relaxer for bedtime, and also Vics which the new med is replacing(replacing the vics). But I stopped taking everything but the new meds like Walgreens pharmacist said to do. The new meds worked much better for the pain though sleeping was still difficult each night.

Six days later is my appointment with family doctor again to go over the new pain med. Told her it is working much better though sleeping is still limited to just 5-6 hours nightly because of pain. She said " isn't the Soma or the Opana helping still"? I informed her i wasn't taking it because the pharmacist said " don't take anything else". My doctor seemed annoyed and said " don't see why the pharmacist told you that, she doesn't know what's going on with you". Doctor told me " to take continue taking the Soma and Opana ER and it likely will help keep pain away longer than just the new medicine will alone and help me sleep". Doctor then wrote me a prescription for the remaining month of the new medicine and said I can get it filled. We set new appointment for 2 weeks later. This is a couple days after my next spinal injection is done. So off I went to pharmacy since I use the Walgreens near my Doctor.

I get to the pharmacy at walgreens and tell the girl at counter that I have a script from my doctor for a NEW medication I was just put on. That it was for the remaining days of the month. She looks up my account and quietly gets the pharmacist. The pharmacist, very loudly and angrily and in front of other customers says to me that " I should have pills left, I can't get it filled I should have pills left". Again, very loudly in front of people. I said " I do have pills left, I just left the Doctors and this is for the rest of the month. And that my Doctor only gave me the initial script of these pills to try" . I explained " I just left Doctors, this is the rest of script, I'm not out yet". The pharmacist even louder said " You shouldn't be out yet, you can't get it filled until friday" Then she says " I would have to call the Doctor to fill this" I told her to go ahead, I would wait". Then the pharmacist said " well we can't ever reach the doctors, it'sour discretion to fill this and just come back Friday".

I was shocked, embarrassed and angry now. I said " I work late at night, I get home between 3 and 4 AM each night, do I really have to come back friday before work, you can't call her. Stressing again I am not out of pills". Reply was no and to come back. I said fine and left.

I got home, called the Doctor's office and left a message for the Doctor explaining briefly what happened but I mean briefly. I am contacting corporate offices of Walgreens and reporting this incident. Treating someone going through a LOT of treatments for severe pain who is looking back surgery in the eye in near future, while embarrassing the person in public like he is a drug addict is not going to be tolerated. I am a second shift supervisor at a medical device manufacturing company( we make spinal implants), i am38 years old, have no criminal record, no history of drug abuse, I do not drink alcohol, I do not take any illegal drugs, and I do not abuse prescription medications. this pharmacist was completely in the wrong with how she informed me of the new medications release time frame. She could have pulled me aside and simply asked me if I was out of meds, which I was not, then simply told me that this new medication requires a certain time between adding to the first script even though it was for the same month by same doctor.

So Walgreens Pharmacists treat customers like they are some kinda drug addict when the customer is simply trying to fill a new prescription from their Doctor to treat their pain. Pain that is keeping the person from sleeping, has him getting up after only 3 hours of sleep to get MRI's, spinal injections, visits with either the family doctor, the back Specialist who ordered the spinal injections, and the Pharmacist at Walgreens. Monday at 10AM was visit for Spinal injection. I got home from work at 3:30AM that morning. Fell asleep around 6 AM. Woke up at 9 AM to get ready for spinal injection. Left that place at 11:30 AM. I have to be at work by 4PM and have a 1 Hour drive but because of the AWAKE Sedation for spinal injection, I had to call out. Very sore that night, hardly any sleep at all.Maybe 3-4 hours off and on. Had doctors appointment Wednesday at 10:45 AM after getting home from work again at 3:30 AM as usual after working Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. . Got to bed at 6:30AM Wednesday morning. Had to wake up at 9AM to go to Doctors appointment about the new medication follow up. Then was treated like a junkie at the Walgreens Pharmacy before having to leave for work at 2:45PM to arrive before 4PM.

Spoke to someone from my Doctor's office Thursday around 11:30AM. I slept maybe 5 hours before getting this call. Peson explained the medicine is highly regulated and that i must wait until Monday the following week. Seemed agitated toward me. I guess when they called the Pharmacy at walgreens the Pharmacist kept up her " I must be out of pills because I showed up with a prescription" antics. yet this prescription is from the SAME doctor, just for the rest of the month. So this letter is being sent to my family Doctor's office, Walgreens corporate office, and also posted online so others know to stay away from Walgreens. They will embarrass you and treat you like a criminal and they will do this in front of other customers rather than simply finding out why you are there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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The pharmacist will do the job as the federal law demands whether you like it or not. Your doctor should not be prescribing drugs that interact dangerously to you, and it is your pharmacist legal responsibility to tell you that the interactions may occur.


Just had the same thing happen to me at my local walgreens. Its ridiculous how they treat some of their customers.

I've been dealing with pneumonia for about a month now and it just isn't getting better. Got a prescription for some controlled medicine. Got it, no problem. A week later I get a call from my doctor seeing how I'm doing, inform him not much progress so he says he is going to send a new script for some anti-biotics and he was going to refill my previous pain/cough/sleep medicine.

Off to walgreens I go to get it filled and once there the pharmacists basically accuses me of abusing it, I just kinda stand there in shock not really sure what to say. She says she can't fill my script unless she speaks to my doctor so I get on the phone making some calls and he says that I need the medicine and that its approved. Well she continues to make a fuss so I tell her to forget it and I'll bring my business elsewhere. Went to a local Lewis drug and got it filled no problem.

Needless to say my business with walgreens is finished.