Denver, Colorado
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Walgreens at S. 12th and Ajo in Tucson, AZ .

shorted me 15 prescribed tablets. This happened last week also, only it was 1 1/2 tablets and I let it go. The pharmacist said he would begin an investigation. He was overly aggressive and rude.

Informed me that I was wrong and should have checked instead of trusting my health care to his employer.

I needed to have this remedied right away and instead I received a rude encounter by a person who was supposedly hired to meet my needs, or at least be empathetic to them. I will take further action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Waterloo, Illinois, United States #752230

Walgreens Columbia Il the second time I was shorted my pain pills the first time was two pills , picked up my order at drive thru window drove the twenty five miles home , was short five pills this time, I called to complain was told she had counted the pills twice and she makes no mistakes very rude woman, I call the manager to complain to him the results was neg. but got my point across, some one there is stealing from older people like me , hope who ever get caught. Next time I am having them count the pills in front of me, should have after the first time it happened.


Might help if you specified what the medication is. Typically if it is for maintenance medications, the pharmacist will just comp you the #15 tablets.

Pain and depression medications don't fall under that category.

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